Games that need sequels

Inspired by the thread about what movies need sequels. What games can you think of that demand sequels?

The biggest one I can think of is Anachronox. The story was supposed to span two games but unfortunately at this point it doesn’t look like the sequel is going to happen, at least for the near future. Tragic because it was by far one of the most fascinating stories I’ve seen in gaming. If I ever become a multimillionare I’m going to by the rights to Anachronox and give it to Tom Hall so he can finish the game. Yeesh, writing this makes me despressed :(

Total Annihilation because no other RTS has RADAR, ANTI-RADAR, KROGOTHS, COMMANDERS and a BIG BERTHA (and other assorted stuff that TA had)!


Robot Alchemic Drive.

Only this time without the intentionally poorly done cheesy dubbing.

The dubbing was the best part. What they need to get rid of is the constant interruption of the gameplay.

How about we agree on “Longer gameplay, online multiplayer, and an option to run the game in japanese with english subtitles like .hack, and the head of the game’s music director on a pike” and we’ll call it even.

Its criminal that Hall and Romero are playing small-ball. I’m pretty sure its temporary, but I’d rather have that temporary eliminated and them moving back to the big time. I’m betting Hall is not a money whore, but some developer should DEFINITELY test that prospect by dangling a fat-ass carrot in front of his face to see if he bites. And if not, Plan B of knocking him unconscious, dragging him to a major development house, chaining him to a PC, and encouraging him to work on a major title is always feasible.

If they had taken the time to do Anachronox right, they’d have the money and encouragement to do the sequel. Even with its problems, Anachronox is still a must-play.

I don’t know about that. Even if it hadn’t had the problems it had I just don’t think people were aware of the game, or because of the debacle with Daikantana people refused to believe anything good could come out of Ion Storm. Believe me I remember the message boards back then where people were making fun of Anachronox solely because it happened to come out of Ion Storm. I fully believe if it hadn’t been for Daikantana that Anacrhonox would have sold at least twice what it did.

“Taken the time”? You jest, of course.

Although I did really enjoy Anachronox - the game itself was pretty meh, but the directing and story were excellent.

Master of Orion 2 needs a sequel. Someone tried to convince me that they already made one, but I think it was just a bad dream of some sort.

Anachronox– some of my all-time favorite gaming characters reside within that game!

The Last Express sorely needs a sequel, too, and Amber 2 would be cool.

Can this list also include games like Tex Murphy’s, that were a series but could use another installment anyway? (Did Tex and Chelsea survive the crash?) Of course, System Shock 3 would be great in that case as well…

PS/ And if nothing else, at least we have Thief 3, The Longest Journey 2, Sam & Max 2, Half-Life 2 etc. coming for real…

Can this list also include games like Tex Murphy’s, that were a series but could use another installment anyway? (Did Tex and Chelsea survive the crash?)

You can find out what happened next here:

There’s also been plans for an online game floating around for a few months. Not sure what the state of play is, but they wanted prototypes ready for about nowish.

i would vote for Nocturne, i really like the background story, though i think they need a new interface

Darklands would be nice too!!


Netstorm. I thought this game was great as a multiplayer game, but the single player mode was incredibly puzzlish. Whoa is me for Activision for not making a sequel.

Hey, thanks! It must be tough for Chris Jones to work at Microsoft knowing they own the Tex license yet refuse to do another full-boar game with it… :(

BloodRayne is essentially a sequel to Nocturne.


[quote=““Denice Cook””]

Yeah. Although Overseer absolutely bombed - it never even got a full price release over here. It got shunted to EIDOS’ short lived budget label, basically ignored by the press, and in a final stab wound, they screwed up the duplication so that a typto Disc 5 wouldn’t work (it had the version name ‘Oversser_5’ or similar rather than the obvious and the game didn’t recognise it) so it’s not overly surprising. I’d like to see more of them - they all had such wonderful character to them. Those jokes were just on the right side of “I cannot BELIEVE he just said that…”


Games that do NOT need and should not have sequels:

  • Grim Fandango: the story and character arcs are so nicely contained within the story any return visit to the land of the dead would just be boring.
  • Loom: Ditto. The universe was pretty sparse as it was.
  • Neverhood: you just know they’d try to pull off the claymation look in realtime 3D and shit all over it.
  • Quake: I have a little scrap of paper with Quake1’s story written on it by John Romero back in early 1995. It reads “Cthulu Hell Techno Shit”.
  • Quake2: the Strogg backstory / universe is arguably the most uninspired thing id has ever come up with. Yet it’s being revisited in Raven’s Quake4.
  • Full Throttle: same deal as with Grim Fandango. Yet another sequel that didn’t need to happen.
  • Any Final Fantasy game: It’s actually fortunate that there’s no story continuity from one FF title to the next (aside from the mainstays like Chocobos, Airships and a guy named Sid), because they generally do a good job of taking the main cast through their arcs by the end.
  • Resident Evil: the first one didn’t do anything new under the sun, subsequent titles have been pure milkage.
  • Worms 2: I really wish they coulda just put all the stuff from WA and WWP into Worms 2. Incremental upgrades at retail aren’t a good idea unless you’re making the Sims.

Ah well, not like any publishers are chomping at the bit to make sequels for games like Grim or Neverhood anyway.

Add this to my above list. I liked Torment’s story enough to want it to keep going when it ended, but the whole point of the game is that it shouldn’t. Given how the game ends, digging up tNO and bringing him back into undeath for more adventures would just reek of anticlimax (on top of being really damn cruel to the poor guy). The narrative frame for the game is that you’re guiding him through his LAST incarnation.

You could maaaybe justify a new Torment game by introducing a new character who has an unholy curse similar to tNO, but they establish that he’s pretty unique, even in the infinite universe of Planescape. Also sounds pretty chintzy.