Games that need sequels

Divine Divinity 2: Riftrunner has an interesting concept, which could have worked pretty well.

Alternately, a TNO-based sequel could take place in the Blood War. Still, I can’t imagine such a thing being as amazingly compelling as the original story.

Just to note, these are actually two different games because Larian is making Riftrunner (in the DD universe) as well as a true sequel, presumably called Divine Divinity 2.

Just to note, these are actually two different games because Larian is making Riftrunner (in the DD universe) as well as a true sequel, presumably called Divine Divinity 2.[/quote]

Just for further clarification. Here is the press release:

Larian Studios Announces Riftrunner, The Latest Adventure From the Divinity Universe
11th June 2003: Belgium developer Larian Studios today announces the first details of their upcoming RPG, Riftrunner. Based on the award winning fantasy universe first introduced in Divine Divinity, Riftrunner is set to capture the imagination of RPG players yet again, and provides a strong stepping stone for the planned extension of the Divinity World.
Development on Riftrunner secretly started last year and has been borne by the demand from the legion of Divinity fans. Development is nearing completion, and the timing is set for the official announcement. Riftrunner will be part of the growing Divinity Universe, which will also include Divinity 2, later next year.
Divine Divinity won awards and accolades worldwide after its launch in 2002. Its huge fantasy world, strong storyline, unparalleled levels of interactivity, and unique character development system captured the hearts of RPG players. The feedback from these players convinced Larian Studios that their efforts were worthwhile, and they should continue.
Swen Vincke, Project Leader, says, “Riftrunner is a continuation of the Divinity Universe. We’ve had thousands of true fans that loved Divine Divinity, who came to our forums and voiced their appreciation, and subsequently have craved for more. Riftrunner has been developed with these fans in mind.
Using an enhanced version of the Divinity engine, and incorporating suggestions from the fan base, Riftrunner focuses on the strengths of its predecessor. Featuring a strong and compulsive storyline, a random quest generator, a new and unlimited character development system, and the unique interactive environment, Riftrunner is appealing to the true RPG fanbase. Other enhancements include 3D character animations, a new combat system and the introduction of a party. The main focus during Riftrunner’s development was to extend the RPG experience and universe.
Riftrunner: The Quest Continues In Riftrunner, you become soul-forged with a Death Knight. Your fate is to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil, unless you can undo this curse. You and your unlikely partner embark on a great adventure to unlock the secret of rift-running your only answer to this life of darkness.
Riftrunner is due for release in Q4 2003 for PC CD-ROM. A Macintosh version will follow later.
Further information, new screens, and an FAQ can be found at

Random quest generator…hmmm

Why, with some of the titles you guys suggest, a developer could make hundreds, perhaps even thousand, of dollars on a sequel!

Me, I’d say Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which never actually ended, other than the minor problem that you’d have to deal with the designer using seances.

I’d be more interested in seeing some modern remakes rather than sequels… Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat and Their Finest Hour: BoB done with modern graphics, AI, and physics, but without losing their charm and playability.

Or modern remakes of some of the EA classics: Starflight, MULE, 7 Cities, Pinball Construction Set…

Here’s some I’d like to see.

Darklands 2
Syndicate 3 (the first was awesome, the second never did it for me)
Tie Fighter 2
Freelancer 2 (not that I thought the first was so great, but there seemed to be so much untapped potential)
Fallout 3 (rumored to be in production)

Here’s some that I’m glad are coming.

Half Life 2
Deus Ex 2
Thief 3
Operation Flashpoint 2

edit: Also add X2:The Threat to the list of coming sequels.

Oh how can I forget Freespace 3. Another game that has lots of loose ends to tie up. I wish Interplay would just give Volition the rights to the game

There are too many to choose from!

Master of Magic (damn it! make it already!)
X-Com (just update the graphics, and I will be happy)
Shining Force 3 (in English this time!)
Dragon Force (there was a sequel in Japan, but not here)
Team Fortress (I heard a rumor they were working on this, but no one can confirm it!)
Planescape: Torment (forget the main character…there were TONS of interesting sideline quests/worlds to follow up on)
Rage of Mages (the sequel wasn’t as good as the original, which I liked a lot…try again)
Diablo (just keep makin 'em)
Darklands (alchemy done right)
Fantasy General (some of the best music ever in a game)
A REAL recreation of the Warhammer games (fantasy, 40k, Space Hulk, whatever)

That’s enough for now. I could go on for days, but the rest of you have some good ideas out there already.

At the risk of besmirching the thread with console games, it would be nice to see Sonic Team do some sequels to their worthwhile games rather than rehashing Sonic over and over until they finally end up with something good.

NiGHTS and Burning Rangers need some love from Sequel Land, IMO.


I’d really like to see another game set in the Planescape universe. I don’t want the Nameless One to be in it, but it’d be cool if the game served as a back story to one of the Nameless One’s friends in the original Torment. How about one for Anna? Wouldn’t a female lead in a RPG be cool? At least City of Doors Initiative is working on tons of Planescape stuff for Neverwinter Nights.

I also want to see Starcraft 2, just because the universe that the original game takes place in is so rich. I want a Diablo 3, too. I think there is a lot they could do with the game. Totally seamless game universe (as seamless as GTA 3), randomly generated quests, user created content on the level of Neverwinter Nights…sky’s the limit.

Freelancer is absolutely begging for a sequal, or at least an expansion pack. There is so much potential in the series. As fun as it is, it saddens me to think of the great things that could have been done. Cap ships, greater variety of random missions, much more dynamic universe…again, sky’s the limit.

I’d like to see another RPG in the Fallout universe, too. Again, I think it needs to be done because of the richness of the game world. I don’t know what should be added gameplay-wise, but I think there are many stories yet to be told and many facets of the post-apocolyptic world yet to be defined in Fallout.

A System Shock 2 sequal is a must.

That’s all I can think of for now. Certainly many more games need sequals than movies, if only because many game sequals improve on the originals. Can’t say the same for the vast majority of movie sequals.

System Shock
Master of Magic
Baldur’s Gate 2 (not the baalspawn storyline, but a game that has the same scope and NPC flavor)
Jagged Alliance
Pirates! (yay, this one actually being made)



Amen, brother. A friend of mine has two of the dual screen set ups at his house and that is the best team arcade game…ever


Rescue Raiders as a GBA title.

Okay, I know that one’s obscure…

Oh my god. I’ve been remembering Rescue Raiders as Choplifter for, like, a decade now. All the while wondering why Choplifter never played like Rescue Raiders. Damn!

I found the Rom. [color=blue]Can anyone recommend Apple II emulator?[/color]

In order, of what I’d like to see sequels to:

Freespace 2;
Ultima 7;
Star Control 2
Star Raiders;


Final Fantasy Tactics.

And for the 100th time, no not the damn GBA version that is coming out. Although, that is one of the reasons I bought an SP last week, I still want a friggin’ PS2 sequel and do not understand why they have not done one.

AppleWin is good. You can get it from the site, as well as a certain 1985 CRPG.