Games that perform better than their predecesors?

I wish this was true about Arkham City. No more maxed out Bats for me.

Yeah, I mean my new PC is pretty good but it’s not like I have SLI’d cards or anything. And because it can play shit that is new, I’m buying more new shit.

As soon as that is no longer the case, I’ll no longer be buying new shit. So, uh, word to the developers, if you stay in my machine spec range you’ll make more money off me. You leave it, you get zippo. I’m not gonna buy a new machine to play your game, I’m gonna buy more indie games instead of your game.

Is it really that many still? I’d figure by now only about 10% of the market would still be on XP. I know Steam puts out some usage statistics from time to time, I don’t think you guys carry numbers, but are they different?

I did upgrade my ram in anticipation of 64-bit gaming 3 years ago, and it’s been a waste.

I can see it making sense for a mainstream publisher to keep on XP-level tech, because of the console ports, but I think it makes less sense for companies that make PC exclusives (though it does make sense to keep resources needed modest in other areas)

Why on earth would you make freakishly over pimped games when you could make em to console spec + some goodies and have more potential buyers?

I mean I upgraded from xp this year.