Games that should be given the "CGI rework" treatment

Some recent threads had me thinking about games that were just darn near perfect, despite the limited hardware they were designed for. These are games I’d like to see redone with modern graphics and (optional) updated control/menu schemes. But nothing else… No new rules, no new modes, no other changes that have ruined so many “modern sequels.”

Games I’d like to see redone:

XCom: Painful to look at, but otherwise, sublime. Give it hi-res 3D graphics and special effects, and perhaps some UI tweaks, but otherwise, leave it alone.

Alpha Centauri: Update the graphics and fix the PBEM and introduce a new generation of gamers to one of the best TBS games ever.

Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat: Same planes, same setup. Just update the graphics and controls and add scalable realistic flight models.

SimCity: Come to think of it, the first one was the only one that was really fun.


Cosmic Balance


Silent motherfucking Hill.

Privateer. Archon. Stunts. Command HQ.





Minit Man


Wing Commander

If Wasteland is in, how about Dragon Wars and especially Legacy of the Ancients?

Also wouldn’t mind seeing MM1 redone. And Wizard’s Crown (I think it was called… oooold SSI strategy/RPG).

Oh, and Uniracers 3D really needs to come out for the Wii, including funky controller tricks for all the stunts. (You have to actually jump for jumps, spin in place for twists, etc… though you’d have to do something creative for flips.)

Syndicate. TIE Fighter. Airborne Ranger. F-19 Stealth Fighter (and keep the F-19, imaginary or not).

How about a remade Grand Theft Auto? Real 3D, but still with a top-down perspective and with all the crazy GOURANGA! bonuses in place. I loved the original, and I still can’t get that 3dfx wrapper working, dammit.

Carmageddon. Whiplash (which was called, I think, Fatal Racing in Europe). With Whiplash, in addition to the updated graphics, it’d be awesome with revamped physics, too.

Carmageddon in the Crackdown engine. It’s practically there already.


…more seriously, Betrayal at Krondor, Panzer General, Red Baron, Star Control 2

Graphics whores. In my day we took our pixels and WE LIKED IT!

Ultima Underworld 1 & 2, System Shock 1 - Would love to see these redone in a modern 3d engine with exactly the same gameplay. They were all 3d worlds, but had sprite-tastic graphics.

Mail Order Monsters (with online play!)

I loved Karateka, but this would be a real tough sell. “SIX martial arts moves? TWO LEVELS?! Get outta here!!” Of course, some Montreal-based developer could revamp the Karateka dude as a goateed badass with kohl-ringed eyes…

I played Carmageddon 2 so much that I’ve got to add my vote. Also, the original Need for Speed is a real favorite of mine, and I would love to be able to run it on XP. Superb selection of cars (considering there were only eight!), great sim-lite driving physics, and a feeling of highway driving that is -sadly- still unmatched after 10 years.

Fantasy General, Darklands, War in Russia, Speedball 2 and the Perfect General.
(Actually, if a few QQP games were redone and I’d be happy).

Star Wars(the arcade game)

Oh and battlegrounds 6: the battle of borodino; i quite like that game

I was thinking more of a Prince of Persia kind of update with a full combat system and such. But I’d still buy a graphical update of the identical game on XBLA or something.



Although it’s not ‘modern’, there was a fully 3D remake of TIE Fighter back in '97 or so. I believed it used the X-Wing Alliance engine. It does look dated by todays standards, but still is leagues better than the original polygon shapes of the original.

Magic Carpet 1/2. I wish I could get them to work on a modern machine.

And, of course, X-Com.

Bushido Blade