Games that take place all in one house?

What are some examples of games that take place entirely in one house/mansion? It’s ok if you go outside into the house grounds for a bit, but I would say not if, like in Realms of the Haunting, you get teleported to entire other dimensions.

Alone in the Dark, right? The first Resident Evil, I think. What else? Are there many non-horror games that do this? Luigi’s Mansion? Maybe the Edith Finch one (still haven’t played it).

I just think it’s a cool conceit.

I believe Maniac Mansion fits the bill, as does Deadline (Infocom)

Layers of Fear
Gone Home
Resident Evil 7 ?
The 7th Guest

Playing Sexy Brutale right now, I’d say it fits the bill. A really big house with a casino and ballroom and all kinds of other crap, but still one house.

Best one-house-game, obviously.

Mario 64 totally counts, right? :P

The Colonel’s Bequest (unless it changed setting later on, but I wouldn’t know)
Inspired by it, The Sexy Brutale did too, but the house was very unrealistic (kinda like the RE one).

Ooh I forgot about that one! And its freaking recent!

What Remains of Edit Finch has some flashback sections, but otherwise fits the bill.

Yeah it can’t quite fit the bill, since it obviously crams a whole lot of settings into one.
Or else we can include Jet Set Willy as well!

RE7 takes place in one kind of overall farm, ish? But there are at least like three or four buildings, it’s not just the first house. So I’m not sure that counts.

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit, the free prologue to Life is Strange 2, is all in one house, IIRC. A little bit in the yard, but mostly the house.

Little Computer People not only takes place in one house, but on one screen.

I feel like the first Sims technically counts, hah

Mystery House

House Flipper maybe? :P

I mean eventually you gotta sell and start over, but the the core game play all takes place in / around a single home.

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
(takes place in an asylum, mostly)

The Count Lucanor
(castle Tenebre, mostly)

Nah, it leaves the house for the ship at one point.

If you stretch the definition of “house” to castle, Amnesia: The Dark Descent qualifies. From what I understand, Devotion should qualify, but that game’s lost to the wrath of Winnie The Pooh.

Ah ok, I’ve only seen streams of the house portion apparently.

Please see the Realms of the Haunting Exception in the original post.

Bad Mojo takes place in one bar, not house.

Haunted House for Atari 2600.