Games that take place all in one house?

P.T. - Not just one house, but one hallway.

Outlast - One big asylum.

Day of the Tentacle was in one house in 3 different time periods.

How about if it’s set in one bar?

Actually wait, SimTower and Yoot Tower clearly qualify.

I really liked Little Computer People, and think that it should have gotten more notice when Tamagatchis and The Sims were setting the world on fire. The guy that came with my 5.25" diskette was nice but somewhat standoffish. He would spend plenty of time in the shower or in the closet. I think he might have been depressed.

Does To The Moon count? It takes place all in one area I think. There are some backyard/front yard scenes. It’s been quite a while since I played it.

No, To The Moon has multiple locations.

SimFarm is in there somewhere too.

As does SimFarm if you expand it to “property”.

Ghost Master. Game definitely needed more love…

What about Vic’s The Occult Chronicles? I actually really enjoyed that game. I should find my install and try it again sometime.

Good pick! Yeah, it’s all one house, though it’s a pretty big one, I suppose.

Huh, I thought I bought everything he put out, but I can’t find a receipt for this one.

Ghost Master has a bunch of different houses and other non-house locations that you haunt.

My original nominations, Gone Home and Spider, have already been taken. So I’ll cheat and say: Tabletop Simulator.

Not even wrong!

I am bread…almost but not quite.

The last location is not in the house; but similar to the other games I’ve mentioned, most of the levels are in separate rooms of the house.

Rogue Legacy counts, I think.

I searched my email and found my links through BMT Micro from 2013 and downloaded the latest 1.07 version again this week and they still worked. You can always email Vic at his site too I am pretty sure. I started a couple games and while the game is admittedly a niche game, I still dig it!

999 the nonary game, one house or maybe a house dressed like an ocean liner. or maybe not. no spoiler here. I got killed before I got the ending. I suspect a house or bunker…