Games to get, Games to Get

Whats looking good right now on the Qt3 radar?

Anyone have any favorites they think others should play? I’m looking for a 360 game to get. If I can’t find one to decide on, I’m getting the Vision camera with a year of Live, as my account runs out in January.

So, any heads-up on games already out? Its a birthday present for me, and I don’t know what to get.

Read: Don’t say GoW…

Rainbow 6 and Viva Pinata are excellent.

I’m really looking forward to Lost Planet in January.

If you dont already have Saints Row and Dead Rising, those two and Gears are THE reasons to own a 360.


Saw on CheapAssGamer forums that Gears of War is selling for $45 bucks at Circuit City starting tomorrow.

Rainbow Six: Vegas, especially since you are getting the vision camera. While it has very little effect on gameplay the face mapping is just too fun to pass up. Since it shows up in multiplayer (most of the time at least) it is a whole lot of fun. I really want to play a game with a group of friends who all have their faces mapped. Seeing someone you recognize stacked up on the door across from you before you blow the breeching charge is fantastic.

Come to think of it the face mapping does have one pretty great benefit online. You can immediately know who you are looking at so commands are understood a bit more clearly. The “hover” radius to pop up a friend’s name is a little tricky and while there are tons of armor choices a lot of people tend to favor black everything.

Over on the Vegas forum there are a bunch of good reasons to get the game. I won’t blab on here about it.

Gears and RB6: Vegas both have good single player, but I liked the Gears single player better just due to the presentation. Technically, they are quite different, but gameplay wise, they are quite close - both stop and pop, cover system action games. I also think Gears will have for legs for multiplayer longevity.

And unless you get Vegas, I don’t know if I’d invest in the Live Vision yet, unless you find a really good Live Vision plus twleve months of Gold XBL deal. Someone around here has been posting a link to just such a deal.


getting Viva Pinata. X_X