Games We Care About -- Twitter-based game curation

I just saw this article linked by Dan Cook (of Spry Fox/Triple Town). It’s an attempt to untangle some of the knots that have formed in the game market with regards to discoverability, race-to-the-bottom pricing, etc.:

So, my idea? Turns out it’s a Twitter account, Games We Care About – – and it’s fairly simple. Four times a day, somebody will recommend a video game that they care about (or think you should care about), with three or four words about why it rocks. The entire concept fits in 140 characters (including URL and a screenshot.)
The only rules? That the title is out now, purchasable standalone, and you might not have heard about. No bundles, no special offers, no Kickstarters to fund. Just games you can buy now from its creator(s).

Basically, it’s very simply a Twitter account that promotes finished, non-crowdfunded, non-hyperdiscounted games because someone thinks they’re special.