Games where enemies/NPCs attack other enemies/NPCs

Doh!! Sorry man.

The Sims.

I love this feature in games too. It’s at its best when the NPCs fight, and one defeats the other, but is in bad shape from that fight. Then you come in and finish off that enemy. Even better when you get to loot both fallen enemies!

Oh yea, Monster Hunter. All sorts of monsters eat and fight eachother.

The STALKER games, particularly Call of Pripyat (though admittedly a lot of the more intense stuff came from mods). You’d come across two groups of Stalkers or bandits or what not duking it out and you could loot the bodies once they’d killed each other off (with some help from you).

Ark Survival Evolved. Predators predatoring counts, no? (And adding the Zoology mod increases the complexity of the behaviours.)

You can charm monsters in Has Been Heroes although the charm spell doesn’t drop often enough and several monsters are immune to charm.

I’d add Sir, You Are Being Hunted too (rare but all the more surprising when you hear a cacophony of gunfire in the distance) and Dungeon Keeper. I seem to recall the warlocks and vampires being at each others’ throats because the warlocks sought immorality while the vampires had it be default, which pissed them off. Brilliant, and added so much flavour to the creatures.

Don’t forget the Shock games too. Few things are more entertaining than watching splicers, big daddies, big sisters and security bots and turrets duking it out which each other; guns, melee weapons, plasmids, environmental effects… Awesome.

I just got jumped by a hostile enclave of three survivors in State of Decay 2. After killing two of them in a shoot out, a bunch of zombies showed up. I watched them swarm the third guy, who flailed away at them as they piled up on him. He went down and I figured he was done for. But then he broke free and tried to run away, but they ran him down, piled up on him again, and this time he didn’t get up.

I waited for the zombies to slink away and then took the dead guys’ guns, ammo, and melee weapons. Thanks, zombies!


I think the humans actively seek the robots out, too. Or, at least, they have patrol patterns that are designed to run them into robots every so often. This is especially true of the various outpost, village, and city guards that roam the land. The robots will occasionally get mad at each other, too, for reasons I’ve never quite figured out (no corruption arrows used).

Not sure if this counts, but the War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2 introduces the Lost (read: zombies), which roam certain maps, suddenly appear in others, and regularly respawn whenever they’re on the scene. They target the closest, loudest enemy, whomever it might be. You can use a lure or explosives to draw their attention away from your troops and to your enemies’ positions.

That’s probably corrupt machines encountering non-corrupt machines. You can’t hack or corrupt arrow the already corrupt machines.

Rimworld often has raiders, traders and insectoids fighting if they happen to wander into each others path. I once had a little insectoid cave that chewed up multiple raids until I let it get out of hand and then it ended chewing me up.

I was going to mention this. I ran into some survivors as well in SoD 2 that attacked.

Anyone mention Don’t Starve or Don’t Starve Together?

It’s a valid tact to get the mobs to attack each other. Tentacles can be your friend.

My best friend is a tentacle.

I like that in The Division, if the various factions cross paths they will start a firefight. I always get a little bummed that as soon as they realize I’m in the vicinity, they then turn and organize to fight me.



Skaarj occasionally go to town on Nali in Unreal, although those interactions generally feel pretty scripted.

Is this post in the wrong thread? Or was this 16 minute video about the disappointment of NMS put here because of the first 10 seconds that shows how factions can fight each other? Serious question.