Games which make you feel like a Wizard?


I just read this review earlier and seems wizardly enough.

Also, Rock, Paper, Wizard.



It is still awesome, Gordon Cameron. It is still awesome.


Imo nothing comes close to the caster experience in Baldur’s Gate 2. Other than that, playing a mage in Skyrim with Requiem mod installed is one of best wizard experiences I’ve had in games.


Master of Magic

For action games, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is pretty good for that feeling.


Play thru Dark Souls. The first time play what ever you want to be, but collect every sorcery item you can find. Then play NG+ as a sorcerer and you will discover the true power of magic.

Same is true with DS2. But from what I can tell with DS3 magic is useless until you are really uber powerful. I never even tried a full magic build in DS3.


Magical Diary. It is a Hogwarts simulator and visual novel, and the “tests” you have to pass are dungeons that you have to navigate via the free from use of spells you’ve learned. It’s neat.

And Dominions 3, 4, or 5. It even comes with a rule book with all 1000+ spells listed out. What could be more wizard?


Academagia works pretty well, although for a wizard in training rather than a full-fledged wizard.


Morrowind’s pretty good. In addition to running the Mage’s guild (granted, something every Elder Scrolls game lets you do), you can also levitate! And move into a mushroom house!


My favorite memory of morrowind will always the the guy that falls out of the sky at the beginning.


Also check out Lichdom: Battlemage … not worth $30 but if you can get it for closer to $10 (or in a bundle of some kind) it’s definitely worth a look IMO.


Mine was making what my wife and I affectionately called “jumpy pants” via enchantment. Allowed us to traverse the landscape with some speed through ridiculously high/long leaps. Hotkeyed that and a simple ring of levitation that you had to time just right on the downward arc so you didn’t splat.


Sounds a bit like Magicka - but could run on consoles soon… I liked the Harry Potter games (especially the first EA one, before the movies came out). I remember getting the Kinect, hoping someone would make a wizard game for it. Skyrim with the voice mod seemed like it could do the trick too - Fus Ro Da! but I never tried it. Side note, magic in TES hasn’t quite scratched that itch as much as I would have liked it to.


The levels of Giants: Citizen Kabuto where you play a Sea Reaper. Leaping from hilltop to hilltop, raining flame walls, meteor showers, and tornadoes down upon your enemies, bwahaha.


Magic: The Gathering. Okay, hear me out. While recent Magic is a lot about attacking with creatures, and may not be hitting the feeling you’re looking for, there is a way to play Magic that does. Check out cube draft, this is a way of playing Magic where you draft decks from (typically) a pool containing one copy of each of the most powerful and broken cards from Magic’s 25 year history.

The feeling of on the fly, trying to put together a deck that does completely stupid things, with the risk of it not coming together feels like a wizard creating your own mad spell book. I highly recommend you find a cube to try to build some fruity combos.

So ideally you know someone or have a friend of a friend who has made their own cube and you can invite yourself over to draft (this is not an imposition, people who have gone to the effort and expense of putting together a cube are constantly looking to play it). If this isn’t going to be an option, Magic: The Gathering Online will have it’s Vintage cube running from December 20th until January 15th.


Falcon 3.0. Freeing up 621Kb of memory made me feel like I could work magic.



Have you played Avalon Hill’s Wizards lately?

Tom Mc


Skyrim with smart cast and forgotten magic is really good. The first person-ness of it makes it so much more immersive to me. Doing the mage college questline with those mods is about as wizard-y as it gets.


Not having sex into your 40s is the best wizard experience you can have!