Games with chill out bar scenes between missions

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land had a bar you would go to pick up side quests and meet characters when you weren’t in the dungeon.

What the fuck did I just watch? John Hurt and Clive Owen did video game FMV work?

Yes, and they provided a great contrast to the wilderness you’d just trekked through. Each inn was an oasis, assuming someone there wasn’t trying to kill you.

I still remember a ferocious melee in the Helm and Cloak that I re-loaded a ridiculous number of times, so that none of the friendly party that would stand with you against some bad guys died in the subsequent fight.

No bartender but I really miss the inn ambiance music from WoW.

At 4:23 mark

And this at 12:00 mark

Starcraft 2, kind of.

The Cooper Coronet from Baldur’s Gate II is like the main traven/early quest hub/NPC hangout. 5+ quests at least come out of there include IIRC two stronghold quest chains. Also a handful of joinable NPCs gather there.

Ah Trade Wars! I burned many hours on that when I was a youngin’!

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance


Has anyone said Populous yet?

I wonder if we have enough peeps to run a game of that around here.

Dragon Age
Baldurs Gate

Doesn’t one of the Mass Effect games have a bar?

And Baldurs Gate:Dark Alliance. I used to co-play that with my daughter. Playstation 2?

Well a prominent companion’s mom serves at one.

Related, which games have a “your drunk” mechanic.

Might and Magic 6-8, Bethesda Fallouts, what else? Don’t remember if Baldurs Gate series did.

PS2. I posted a pic upthread, because it was … memorable.

I am pretty sure BG had a drunk mechanic in it.

The Realms of Arkania games had some fun bar scenes.

The credits for Privateer 2 FMV are pretty impressive: Hurt, Owen, Christopher Walken, Jurgen Prochnow, several more. Owen was just starting out but Hurt, Walken et al. were well known. I would argue the FMV for that game is the best FMV of any game.

Until Star Citizen I hear.