Games with the coolest and most epic Space Battles?

Sins and mp homeworld cataclysm, 4v4 was awesome

Because I already played all the good stuff from a decade ago plus, and the other part is I wanted to go all graphic whore :)


I remember Colony Wars on the PS1 fondly. Fantastic musical score, great graohics at the time, challenging combat, good mission variety and i think it had branching paths based on mission success.

I installed this last year but couldn’t get it to work with the Thrustmaster T-16000M properly.

Do you have multiple controllers installed? Being an older game it only runs from the first controller, best being the only controller.

I don’t get it because I’ve played the game probably using five different sticks, the most current being a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 from the early 2000s, so there’s no reason a more modern stick shouldn’t work with the thing.

I may have had an xbox gamepad connected. I’ll give it another go and disconnect it first. Always wanted to play this game.

Yeah it needs the stick to be the primary controller and to be safe, go into the USB game controller applet and set the stick as default for older games in the advanced options.

Do you know how to install the Freespace Open enhancements?

I really loved the battles in the original Swords of the Stars. I can’t think of too many others that had that range of ship builds while conveying the size differences between the smallest and the largest ships.

Sins of a Solar Empire has lovely space battles, and a fairly competent fleet AI, so you get more time to enjoy the pretties.

I recall there’s a client that does that. Can’t remember the name.


I really liked the space battles in Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, but I think that one was released more than 10 years ago.

It still looks and plays wonderfully.

Thank you for this recommendation. I owned Project Sylpheed but never played it because I was waiting for a time when I could borrow my brother’s joystick that came with the Ace Combat game he bought for the 360. But now that I know gamepads work so well in other space sims like Elite: Dangerous and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, I should just go back and try out Project Sylpheed on the 360 with a gamepad instead. I had totally forgotten about the game until your post.

That’s also because Nexus was updated not too long ago, courtesy of THQ Nordic. It now plays nice on modern systems, including out-of-the-box widescreen support and GUI scaling.

GOG plug:

Nexus is great, but I just wish it had something other than a scripted campaign. I know there is a mod to make new scenarios, but I’m not up to designing something balanced and interesting. It really needs an automatic skirmish generator.

I often wish games did not have a script. However, sandboxy games aren’t always an improvement.

IWar 2 had a nice balance of scripted and sandboxy gameplay. I.e. for a good chunk of the game you can travel to most locations at any time if you want to.

IWar 2 is special. It’s also brutal.

The games I have the most difficulty playing are the ones where you have to switch back and forth between multiple devices/systems in real time. Everspace I am looking at you.