Games within games in Gone Home

Title Games within games in Gone Home
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When August 12, 2013

While rummaging through the closet of my parents' house back in 1995, I came across this boardgame. I want to play it. Unfortunately, it says 2-6 players and no one is home..

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Are you trying to set us up for something with your nouvelle spelling of "within?"

It is weird that Troy Goodfellow's high school hoodie is in there.

I hear Steve decided to add ghosts. Looking forward to it.

Step One: Recommend an unreleased game to Tom.
Step Two: Get steamed because Tom is now playing game before you ;)

Is this that ghost game? I hear there are all sorts of ghosts in it.

Tom if you dig this game, I really REALLY hope you can get Steve Gaynor to come on the podcast to talk about it. Would absolutely love to hear you two discuss it.