Games you bought and still own but have never really played

A few years ago I consolidated all my games into one of those giant CD/DVD holders. Skimming through it to see if anything interesting stands out, I’m taken by how many games I never really put any time into. These aren’t really a backlog since I don’t feel any need to play them or justify owning them. Essentially, I’ve written them off.

Just a partial list:

Laser Squad Nemesis
Earth 2160
Zoo Tycoon
GTA San Andreas
Battlefield 2
Europa Universalis II
East Front
World at War
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Heroes of Might and Magic V
Fantasy General
Age of Rifles
Steel Panthers II
Realms of Arkania III
Elder Scrolls Arena
Dungeon Lords
Dungeon Siege
Celtic Kings
Real War
Industry Giant II
Soldiers of Anarchy

Most of them are older titles and I think I do a lot better job of choosing games nowdays, but looking back at this reminds me why I don’t need to buy so many games as I used to.

It would take me a few hours to construct a list of all the games I own but haven’t yet played. Okay, it might not really take hours, but the list would be pretty damned big!

Seriously, it’s just mean to start this thread right after the Steam sale.


Why do you think I started it? It’s hard for me to buy all those games on Steam (and GoG) when I see that list.


And my corresponding list (at least those I can remember, mostly 360 games):

John Woo’s Stranglehold
Assassin’s Creed
Battle for Middle-Earth 2
Halo 3
Dynasty Warriors 5

To my eternal shame: Planescape: Torment.

I keep playing through till I get outside the first Area of the Dead. I can’t hold on longer than that first hour. I’m not sure why, but the presentation has something to do with it. There’s weird quirks to the engine that bother me now but I’m sure wouldn’t have then. And I’m a big Fallout fan, so I know engine quirks and dated graphics.

I keep telling myself ‘One of these days, dammit, one of these days’.

Wow, I just so happen to be replaying PS:T for the third time and I’m totally loving it. I admit the starting point at the mortuary is a bit slow… aside from Morte hitting on the zombie chicks, but after that, it’s pure gold. I guess you really gotta think of it as more of an experience like a book, rather than a game, and I guess that just doesn’t work for some gamers. At any rate, the game generally keeps getting better and better the longer you play it. So try to stick with it if you can.

I almost always go back and play them eventually because I won’t let myself buy new games until I at least try them out.

I played Left 4 Dead once I think. Maybe twice. It’s terrific but unless I’m playing with a certain group of friends I can’t be bothered with MP FPS games.

I too have never finished Planescape: Torment, to my shame as well. I should pop that in. I’ve also never finished Anachronox, so I should give that a whirl as well. I think if I went through my game list, I’d come up with a long list of titles I’ve played, but never actually finished. Sigh.

Edit: Just looked at my list. Out of the 250+ PC games I own, I’ve finished…35 of them…yeeesh…

Most games that I buy and don’t play I don’t really care about. If I get to check them out, fine. If I don’t, that’s fine too. But as I said in another thread lately, these are the classics I haven’t finished, but really will get back to one of these days:

Planescape: Torment
Baldur’s Gate 2
Independence War 2

All others I might or might not get around to.

Yeah, I’m with you, Rock8Man. I don’t really feel any pressure to finish (or even play) the games I own. It’s nice to have them around in case I want to experience them, but do they make me worried about my ability to participate in gaming culture? Nah. I think the concept of the ‘backlog’ is flawed and ridiculous at its core.

That said, I’ve heard PS:T is wonderfully well-written, and an incredible and unique gaming experience, and hope someday to enjoy it.

COD4, 5, 6.

Rifles still has an active community.

Finishing games is overrated, particularly with many RPGs, but damnit, finish Torment at least once.

Men of War, NWN2, KotoR and any title I own for the Wii.

Why do you hate games?

It’s weird, maybe I have a short attention span, but I don’t usually play games to finish them, but to experience them for a while.

I used to buy games because I figured hey, I’d better buy this now before it disappears forever. Hence this created something of a backlog. I simply don’t do that these days because one thing digital distribution has done is to remove that short window of opportunity that you have to purchase a new title. But then you get things like Steam sales and the desire to hoard is overwhelming. Fortunately I resisted this year. I’m still playing Dead Space from 2008, and I’ve yet to start on Far Cry 2 and GTA IV.

Games that I feel guilty for not having played much also include Planescape: Torment, I-War 2 (I love this game, and need to get back to it) and King’s Bounty. I’ve also hardly touched Torchlight - it wasn’t working for me, so I wanted to come back to it later when I’m perhaps in a better mood for playing it. Plus I have an annual ritual where I try and play Oblivion and always stop when I reach the open world.

Because of this thread, I’m in the process of reinstalling I-War 2, Planescape: Torment and then Anachronox. ^_~