Games you can’t/won't play for personal or emotional reasons


Wow. I hadn’t seen that before. Wishlisted.


Lol, I did some crazy mental gymnastics to play GTA Vice City! I love the 80s music, basically in my head said I was a undercover cop and wouldn’t hurt pedestrians, rarely did a car jack and if I did I pretended I flashed a badge as I kicked them out. Cops chasing me was me keeping my cover, same for evil stuff during missions. I loved the music in this game, and the setting. The only one I played LOL


I used to run a political action committee and an attorney for the Democratic Party told me that I was pretty good but that my problem was that I “lacked a criminal mind.” Explains why I suck at playing bad guys, I guess.



Mine is almost the reverse… An old friend from high school described me as “sneaky, like Mallory Archer.” Then he kept insisting it was a compliment.

I think it shows more about the type of person he is and what he values. He’s currently a lawyer working in the executive branch.

As I get older and slower, I like to think of myself as a fairly decent person. I don’t have smarts left to be proud of. :)


I can’t count the number of times I replayed that one mission, trying desperately to save my wingman. It finally sunk it that it was a scripted plot point and I let it go, grumbling about jerk game designers toying with my emotions.


Yeah, I hated that so much.


I have a colleague who always assumes everyone is lying, that they have some backstabby scheme in the works. This tells me we have to keep an eye on that guy.


I did that as well. Really loved that series along with Strike Commander.


I came to post almost the exact same thing about pretty much all MOBAs in general.


It’s not a case of can’t, but I won’t play a Civ game as Mao or Stalin. I’m not sure why playing as dictators from the past is okay in contrast, but I guess the twentieth century seems too close.


I just changed the thread title to reflect this. I refuse to play as them either.


I don’t know if it’s @tomchick’s enthusiastic exclamations of “yeah, watch that baby whale bleed out” on the Nantucket streams or what, but now I have absolutely no desire to play that game.

In the grand scheme of human atrocities, whaling is a fairly minor one, but unless it’s in service of some larger thematic goal, bleeding out a baby whale is just going to make me feel miserable.


I tend to be put off by anything in the modern/historical real-world killing people category. So no counterstrike, battlefield, CoD, etc. I can kill space aliens and orcs all day- hell, even Zombies are enough, but killing people in a realistic setting (no matter what side you’re on), I’m out.

The biggest one here for me was The Division- I tried a free weekend, and no matter that the dispatcher kept telling me how these were Bad Dudes doing Bad Shit, it was just fairly sickening wandering around real-world NY killing people.


I can never use nukes in a civ game. Did once in civilization 2 and was horrified at the big population drop and the little skulls around the city. Even though I reloaded I felt dirty. Though I guess rampaging through the countryside and capturing enemy cities is ok.


So I’m going to guess that Defcon is a game that very few of the people here could play? Serious question. Or is it abstracted enough that you don’t feel empathy for the numbers?




Dunno about anyone else but I have no problem with games where you blow up the world.


I enjoy mass killings. I feel like I am little boya little kid again when I get to do those in games.
Couldn’t kick an ant nest irl without crying, though.

Edit for a totally poor choice of word :O


I’m not sure I’ve encountered a game I couldn’t play. Even though I am probably pretty easy to hook emotionally in a game, and I do find things disturbing (like the death animations for the child in Limbo), I like it when games make me feel things. That said, I guess there are things I wouldn’t play - a game where I had to go around raping / torturing people, doing bad things to kids, innocent people, animals. I don’t object to some isolated scenes though - like the dog in Wolfenstein 2. I didn’t ‘enjoy’ it, but it had the desired effect on me I think.

I have no idea what the game actually is, but I guess I wouldn’t play Showing with my Dad unless i somehow found out it isn’t really what it sounds like and other people thought it was a really good game.

I have no problem mowing down tons of bad guys even though in real life I wish there were more restrictions on guns.


I played it a bit then had to stop as I got too depressed. Then again “Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture” hit me like a ton on bricks too. I needed things to turn out differently in how that game ended. It was a good ending, but the humanity part just, gah. Was very emotional.

I hope @Rod_Humble might ease in here to post his selections as I liked his posts on this subject in the other thread.