Games you can't stop playing, even though you should


I really should kick my world of warthings habit. It soaks up time I’d better spend elsewhere.


I play Path of Exile a lot when nothing else appeals to me.


For me, its Minecraft with lots of mods. Every once in a while Ill pick it up again and then after I am done, I think I am really done for real this time. Now it has been about 8 months or more since I played and am thinking, maybe just one more time over christmas vacation.

I also could have said the same with skyrim, with well over 800 hours played, but now I really do think that game has finally run its course. I just wish there was another open world game to fill that void. Fallout 4 really doesn’t do it for me, I find it very generic and bland.


Diablo 3. Though I’d disagree that I should stop playing. But I could if I wanted to, honest. :)


JA2 1.13 is the game I go back to every few years. In fact, right now there’s a new total conversion mod I need to try. (When I’m done with ELEX.)


Since 1993 - Master of Orion.

Past week? Templar Battleforce. Curse you Trese Brothers!


Warframe. Which is bad since it’s a F2P “endless” game. Haven’t played nearly anything else in a couple of months at least.
But I think I’m getting to the point where the core gameplay is starting to feel boring, going to try and scale back…


True story: I bought a copy of Planescape, started playing it, and after a few hours hated it so much that I physically destroyed the copy I had.

Now that’s some torment for you.


I end up coming back to Baldurs Gate and NWN 2 more often then I can count. I have a sneaky feeling that Titan Quest will also be a game that I return to often thought.


Over and Over I end up going back to the same 3 games:

Kerbal Space Program: So this one pops out whenever a new space movie, or show, or Brian Rubin forum topic comes up. Every time I start up a new career I go just a bit further out into space, and do things I’ve never done before even after probably 1000 hours in game. Currently running about 70 mods and added life support, cryo tanks, interstellar travel, and ISRU bases and resources. The best 30 bucks I ever spent.

Minecraft modded: Minecraft on steroid with usually the Direwolf20 pack. I play this until my base gets ridiculous, then look at myself and the zillion hours I played and chuckle and put it away… until the next time.

Skyrim! - Really? Another release of Skyrim?!? This game is 7 years old! It’s been released on two generations of Playstations! It is that old! It’s already gone through an “enhanced edition” and you are releasing a new port?!? I’ll take one please. This one I actually prefer to play with fewer mods. I’m not a big fan of the survival mode (lots of unbalanced busy work is what it feels like) but I do like some of the combat mods. The original game and DLC are content enough though.


Dosbox version of stars! or of win xp ? Do you have a link ?



Works like a champ.


I keep going back to Rise of Nations. I’ll either play the campaign, or I’ll load up a giant skirmish map on Easy, build every Wonder there is, and then slaughter everyone once I get to the Information Age.

I also return to Civ VI and/or modded Civ V. I’ll start a game on the default settings, then usually quit once I’ve discovered all the other Civs.

Both of these are unhealthy, in that they’re essentially procrastination to keep me from having to start a new game. I have a weird thing where I’m afraid I’ll never be able to grok new stuff. No matter how many times I prove that assumption wrong, it doesn’t go away.


DotA aka Defence of the Ancients because Discourse.


For almost a decade it was WoW. But I think, finally, I’ve kicked the habit. The new expansion announcement just leaves me cold and even the classic servers hit me with a resounding meh.

These days it’s Skyrim. I’ve always loved the Bethesda games and Skyrim is just chicken soup for my soul. Really enjoying playing it on my PS4 these days. Still finding new places that I never found in my PC play-throughs.


Thanks, any additional steps for win 10 or just follow the win 3.11 steps?


You should be able to just unzip and run it if you put it in c:\ It comes with all you need in that one ZIP.


I’ve only really played the Android version of Boggle for the last 6 months help


I suppose Plants Vs Zombies 2. I still play it every day. I should stop. It’s not really much of a challenge on most days, it’s just become part of my morning routine, so I keep doing the daily pinata level.


World of Warcraft.

Occupies all top-10 slots on my list.