Games you can't stop playing, even though you should


World of Warcraft occupies the top spot on my other list, games I have never started playing and never plan to because I shouldn’t.


Also keep in mind there’s iOS and Android versions of Stars!


I think we may be talking about different game? I just went through multiple pages, and the only game that comes up is this one which is not the stars! Brian & I are talking about.

The following is the only thing I could find but this is Not stars!

Do you have a link to what you’re referring to?


My apologies. I checked and the mobile game is Spaceward Ho! I guess it’s the exclamation point that does it.


You son of a bitch.


I have 4 that I currently all have installed…

  1. X-Com: UFO Defense The original and still the best gaming experience EVAR
  2. Jagged Alliance (the original)
  3. Heroes of Might and Magic II (the one with the operatic themes)
  4. The Bards Tale on Amiga (via Amiga Forever)

Another that I often times get the bug for is Dungeon Master, also on the Amiga



Have you tried OpenXCom?


I haven’t. I have played the newer XCOM (and enjoyed it tremendously), but not XCOM2.

There’s just something about the sound effects/music and seeing a sectoid pop out from cover, blast one of my poor rookies, and then go back under cover.



Feh, Apocalypse was better.


So for the past year it’s been a return to Lord of the Rings Online. I think I am more addicted to the game now then I was since I started playing when it was released a decade ago. Something about the cumulative effect of all the changes, combined with the amazing job the developers have done making you feel like you’re really exploring Middle Earth, connecting you to it with amazing sights, sounds and music, it’s all added up this time around to get me to fall hard for the game again. It also helps that I’m now further than I’ve ever been before, so all content is new to me, making it even more exciting to continue forward.

I’d have to say the hands down winner for me though in the category of “game that I pull out once a year or so and can’t stop playing for a month” is Imperialism 2. Something about the mix of exploration, discovery (gold! gems! diamonds!), nation building, economics and trade, and simple warfare is intoxicating. It’s my ultimate “one more turn” game, and has been since 1999.

EDIT : Damn you guys…now I have to add Rimworld to my Steam wishlist.


There is a new JA2 total conversion mod?! I’ve got to resist but with Thanksgiving coming up it will be hard not to reinstall. Especially since I just set up the old computer in the basement quasi man cave.


OpenXCom is just the original with improvements to the UI and some optional added features. It’s the same game but without the annoying parts, like having to reequip your squad for every mission.


Vendetta Online has been my goto for years. Definitely a… security blanket game? I like that term. It is an MMO. I’m not sure if I “should” stop playing it: it’s a soulful experience, even in low doses.

Recently I’ve also been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Legends; that game is addicting by design.



The fact that it was Real-Time alone makes Apocalypse less than UFO Defense. My old-man reflexes wouldn’t allow me to even try to play it today.



You could also play it in turn-based mode.


I kinda agree. I played way more Apocalypse as a kid than I did the original.


It had a lot more character, I feel, due to its tighter focus.


One of my favorite parts of Apocalypse was spamming gas bombs at choke points. Come get me, alien scum!


Street Fighter 5. I should stop playing it, half the time it puts me in a bad mood. The other half the time it’s worth it.


Overwatch. I’ve uninstalled it in disgust and reinstalled it from addiction about four times this month.