Games you can't stop playing, even though you should


It’s called JA2 Vengeance: Reloaded, and you can find it here:


I’m a total sucker, and will probably be going back to WoW after being dry for a while. It is a strange MMO itch that can’t be scratched by any other MMO. And it isn’t even because of Classic, which doesn’t interest me at all (been there, done that, have the achievements).

For all its faults, it hasn’t yet gone to loot boxes.


Diablo 3; and I should stop because it’s boring that I’m putting it, rightfully, on this list. #circularity


Same here. The 10-year-old rhythm keeps pulling me in. I log on, I know what to do, where to go, and I know the lore. It’s familiar. And I have three characters in the 80’s, 2 above 100, and a vault of stuff to help them all along.

But I know that there’s equally-compelling (or more) stuff out there. I left LOTRO for long stretches (up to a year each) to play Fallout 3 and Skyrim, along with early Witchers and various others. Now that I’ve been playing LOTRO for about a year straight I am figuring another vacation to play Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, at least. Maybe even Dragon Age, which I never got around to.


Risk, which is the dumbest game of all time, and a horrible version of it. It’s just that game I fire up when I want to have a cup of coffee and play something not too taxing. It used to be Civ Rev when I still had my Xbox…


3 games:

  • WoW - i’ve been playing essentially solo for a couple years now. I miss the comraderie of old, but can’t commit to it really now so what am I even doing besides grinding for nothing? It doesn’t take that long to go through the story so why am i doing world quests???

  • Secret World (Legends) - I joined up with my cabal from TSW classic, and really its dead by the time i get on. The same old cntent is coming in over the past months, we are almost caught up i think. But ultimately I’ve seen it all before. Hopefully new stuff soon?

  • Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius - mobile gacha game with alot of depth but also alot of gacha. Clearly, wtf am i even doing. Probably the biggest time sink of them all due to the daily quests and energy systems.


I really would love to play nearly any MMO again with friends and like-minded people. But, my play time is all over the map. A shit-ton for a while then none. Really early morning, then sometimes during the day, then sometimes night. Finding folks who can do and/or tolerate my schedule/habits is pretty much a pipe dream.


Not always ideal, but finding a casual guild in your MMO of choice can help with this. So long as you aren’t going for end-game top raids or whatever, you can get that bit of socialness without a heavy time commitment. With personal friends, well… yeah.


That had its hooks in me for awhile too. I got up to a boss, Leviathan iirc, and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I even had 5 star people and what I thought were good allies. Nope’d out when I found out about TMR farming. Is that still required late in the game?


Warframe. Haven’t played in a year maybe but it is always updated on my PC and I am starting to get the itch again. Still haven’t finished Destiny 2, which is a fun shooter but pales in comparison. If I am grinding I want SPEED! 600+ hours on record

7 Days to Die. I seem to restart every Alpha and play for 70 hours till I get bored. I wish they would add tiers of things to achieve because the 7 day deadline gives that urgency that elevates this one over other survival games but there is not much new to do after a certain point.


I wouldn’t put Warframe in the category of ‘should stop playing’. It is a good game, no f2p hijinks, well supported.

I’d expect things like Clicker Heroes and Candy Crush to populate this thread, or games that make you lose sight of reality due to hours invested (unless that is the case of Warframe for you).


Ahhh. Then I revise my game World of Warcraft. Lost 7 years to that game. Thankfully, I was able to quit during the Cataclysm expansion and get out of my apartment. :)

I don’t play that one anymore though so I think maybe this isn’t the thread for me.


I think so. I just don’t do it though. They give out a lot of trust items so you can get some without farming. It does mean the game is much more challenging.


JA2 reinstalled, new VR mod downloading. The backlog will have to wait while I explore another island nation with Barry, Buns, Blood, and the rest.


This fad of adding virtual reality support to every game has really gone too far.


I should stop playing Path of Exile because I need to play Megaton Rainfall. But I can’t.


Always have to have Lynx on my team.


Best characters are probably Thor Kaufman, Danny and Dr. Q due to high WIS and AGI.


I have the same issue. Why am I still playing a decade old MMORPG when there are 700 games in my Steam library begging me to play them? I don’t have a solid answer other than : I love the setting/lore/atmosphere, it’s comfortable and still fun after all these years. I just looked at my Steam profile and apparently I haven’t played anything else but LOTRO since JULY. Damn, I really need to mix in some other games…maybe set aside a night or two each week to play something new.

You really should try Dragon Age. I played through the first one a few years ago when on an extended MMORPG break, and it was fantastic. I have Fallout 4 and Dragon’s Dogma in my queue…maybe I will tackle one of those next.


I just had to brag a little, I just destroyed my own personal high score in Bejeweled Blitz (Facebook).

And to stay on topic, yes this continues to be the one game I can’t seem to retire from.