Games you didn't play but don't like that got reviewed

Maddden 2004. I don’t care if the thing bakes you cookies, I hate that guy.

Now that that’s out of the way…welcome to the world’s worst-titled VF4: Evo thread. This has to be the best came to launch for 20 dollars since Serious Sam. So who’s got it? I’m starting a strict regimen to get myself back into Virtua Fighter shape. Raw eggs, jogging through South Philly to the Art Museum, the whole bit. I even played the game twice. Love the improved load times, which I hear is due to the DVD format. In any case, it’s a good thing. The graphics got a bit of a touch-up (Pai no longer looks like some kind of possessed demon-lady, yay), and of course the computer AI is still top-notch.

Maybe I don’t need to buy Soul Calibur 2 after all.

No Soul Calibur 2? Heresy.

I admit I didn’t find VF4 to be a big deal. But, the more I played it, the more I appreciated the intricacies, the more I realized that it was my own lack of understanding of the fight mechanics that made me not like it. It’s the more intricate, more realistic fighter, but I have to dock points. Why? Because Soul Calibur is also very complex but is still accessible.

VF4 Evo drug me kicking and screaming away from Disgaea last night. It’s a really slick visual overhaul - I could live with VF4’s “jaggies”, but it’s so nice to see them gone. The improved textures and models are also nice.

This is probably the greatest 3D fighter ever made. I dearly love Soul Calibur 2, but it just doesn’t have that split-second, pure timing-based feel that VF4 does. Like all Namco fighters, it feels a bit canned, although it’s definitely a deeper and more expressive game than, say, Tekken 4.

OK, Dirt, maybe I was just a little over-excited about VF4:Evo. Of course I’ll buy SC2! You know, Link and all.

I hear you on the timing, Doug. I love the reversals in Virtua Fighter 4. I just wish I wasn’t so bad at executing them :( Evo is the first game to pull me away from Wind Waker in over a week, and while I still need to play more SC2 I agree with you that VF4 is the best 3D fighter around.

it’s 20$?

That kicks ass!

runs to store

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that Soul Calibur kicks both of them to the curb.

I agree with DaveC except for the part where he implies that Soul Calibur is better.

I love Soul Calibur…but man, you’re just plain wrong. VF4 and Evo are the pinnacle of 3D fighting game mechanics to date.


I feel I must join forces with Dave Long and agree: Soul Calibur 2 is a great game, but it’s just not VF4evo.

Sorry, there’s quality, and there’s QUALITY.

Wow, it’s like that time that Buffy teamed up with Spike to fight Angel. Except without all of the sexual tension. I think.

I just want to point out that I love Soul Calibur. Seriously. If it was a president it’d be Gameraham Lincoln. If it was a rock band it’d be the Gaming Lips. So I’m not taking sides on this one. Except to say that Virtua Fighter 4 is better.

First off, the AI. Man I love the AI. The Kumite and Quest modes are the best single player action in a fighter ever. If it was a baseball player it–OK, you know what I’m saying. It’s not like the computer just magically knows everything you’re going to do at some point. It doesn’t cheat, or at least doesn’t seem to be cheating. Instead you just feel like you’re playing against someone who really knows how to play. Honestly, I don’t even need anyone else to play against, which is good because all of my bastard friends have moved in with their girlfriends or gotten married. Traitors.

Soul Calibur 2 has the edge (ha ha) in multiplayer, though. It is more forgiving, making it easier to just mash away and still have a chance, so it’s instant party fun. Still, I like the fact that if I’ve played a lot more VF4 than you have, I’m going to kick your ass. I still win in Soul Calibur most of the time, but it just seems like it’s easier for n00bs to get “lucky”. Maybe I just need more practice. Plus, SC2 has Seung Mina. I’d like to see a Pai vs Mina fight one day.

Anyway, this is like arguing the Stones and the Beatles. Both of these games are great. But VF4 is better :D

Well, I’ll just pipe in and state that between VF4, and SC2, the latter is easily the superior game. That’s it. Fact stated. :wink:

I guess I just really have a preference for weapons based fighting games - not to mention the fact that there’s something about VF4 that just does not feel right for me. SC2, on the other hand, feels completely natural. The characters’ responses somehow feel just right. Not to mention the fact that the SC2 soundtrack is absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and let’s not forget Guilty Gear X2. One of the best fighting games ever created, the character balance in this game is incredible. Ironically, my favourite character to use in GGX2 is Jam - the one who doesn’t have a weapon. (Except for those damn sex-ay legs.) :wink:

Bah. I-No p0wnz Jam. :P

I-No schools everyone with that utterly whacked psuedo-fatality of hers. BEST… uh, whatever the fuck that shit is supposed to be, I guess a tragic and bizarre rock concert accident?.. EVER.

True, it is pretty whacked, but to be fair, a lot of them are. I think the most universally accepted “whacked” fatality would be EX-Faust’s Afro-bomb. :shock:

As enjoyable as a round of multiplayer SC2 can be, VF4:Evo wipes the floor with any fighter Namco has ever made.

I like my fighters to be as skill-based as possible. VF4:Evo is mercilessly skill-centric. The better player wins 99% of the time.

Compare this to SC2, in which one must be EXCEPTIONALLY good at the game to stand a chance against a Mitsurugi player hammering on the buttons with a weighted mitten. Blech.

Accessible don’t mean good.


I agree with you, especially since I know I can kick you to the curb in Soul Calibur.