Games You Liked, Got Great Reviews, Yet No One Played?

Okay, let’s try this one on for size. What’s a game that you adored, got great acclaimed, yet sold terribly, or not at all? I’ve got a few votes…

System Shock 2
Heavy Gear II
Both Kohan games

All excellent games that no one played, unfortunately.

Archimidean Dynasty.

HELL YEAH! Loved that frigging game to death.

I finished the first Kohan. LOVED it. Haven’t started on Ahriman’s Gift yet though :-( (I own it, just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m halfway through Warcraft III and have burnt out on it… maybe I’ll drop it and get into K:AG!)

Freedom Force? Now THAT was fun. And unplayed by almost everyone! (Too bad, too – I am still looking forward to the sequel, but looks like it’s way back-burnered at Irrational…)

Oh yeah, forgot about Freedom Force. An amazing game that barely anyone I know played. Shame, really, as it finally broke the “horrible superhero game” curse.

Majesty, System Shock II, Netstorm, Outlaws, Grim Fandango, Descent 3.

I really liked The Thing too. Not perfect, for sure, but I liked it. First good movie adaptation I’ve played in years.

Oh and I liked Shogo too, flawed but pretty good. I’d love a sequel.

Moonbase Commander.

And Grim Fandango too, but it seems like a lot of people have bought and played the $10 jewel case version over the past few years.

Independence War 2. The last of the epic hard-core space-sims.


Archimidean Dynasty
Well, I guess AD (aka Schleichfahrt) it’s a typical representant of Euro games that are hardly known in the NA market due to lack of marketing and coverage. Same for games like the Patrician series, Port Royale and Extreme Assault to name a few of them. One might want to add Vietcong. All of them sold quite well over here, but weren’t advertised that much in the US.

Oh, and while we’re at Archimidean Dynasty: damn them for taking the good aspects out of the game and creating Aquanox out of what was left.

Panzer Dragoon Orta, hands down. It’s such a crime it didn’t sell very well. Beautiful game.

Torment, obviously. Allegiance is another. Heretic 2. MDK 2. Treadmarks. Aliens vs. Predator and AvP2. Thief, Thief 2. Tribes. Nox. Sea Dogs. Motocross Madness 1 and 2. CMBB. Europa Universalis I and II. Pontifex. Shattered Galaxy.

CMBB is selling just fine, thank you. Battlefront has brought in some tasty sales from their two wargames, and this was before they partnered up with CDV.


Well, outside of this forum, nobody I know plays it.


X-Tension (did reviewers like this one?)

Terra Nova. Squad based missions prior to the Tom Clancy games, Tribes-like outdoor maps, and in-game physics before it became an industry buzzword for watching dead bodies tumble down stairs or slump against uneven surfaces. Hands-down, the best PC title ever released.

Global Ops.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

One of the hands down best adventure games ever made. Amazing story, and the best graphics the Saturn ever saw.

Sega actually joked about how hard the game was to get in their advertising, and it’s currently going for over $200 on ebay…

Your Power Pill

War Wind
Terra Nova
Final Liberation