Games You Liked, Got Great Reviews, Yet No One Played?

The Ardennes Offensive by SSG. Great wargame, but thanks to its abysmal sales performance, we had to wait over six years for the sequel, Korsun Pocket, to see the light of day.


Woohoo! on both of these.

I will also add Fireteam.

FreeSpace 2
Independence War 2
Planescape Torment
Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Terra Nova

  1. Rails Across America (Fantastic strategy game)
  2. Kohan IS
  3. Europa Universalis II

Hmm, all Strategy First games.

That would’ve been a great game, if I could actually get it to run. I’m trying to remember what the hell my rig was back in the day. What year was that released?

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns(sp)
Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift

I wish Microsoft or someone with some cash would buy up the two above titles are rerelease K:AG. K:AG with Microsoft Network or Battlenet support would be a thing to behold.

I actually thought Freedom Force, NOLF 1 and 2 sold pretty well.

Hostile Waters

Was going to nominate Tornado, but it was pretty big in the UK, probably for being not only a brilliant flight sim but pretty much the only one I’ve ever found for the RAF that doesnt involve a Spitfire. (Legend has it the RAF commissioned the designers to convert their ingame operation planner to use for the real thing).

That would’ve been a great game, if I could actually get it to run. I’m trying to remember what the hell my rig was back in the day. What year was that released?[/quote]

Freedom Force
Die by the Sword
Transport Tycoon (Deluxe version)
Planescape Torment

Giants, Sacrifice. Torment sold around 350k and was profitable.

“Last?” You mean, the last released so far?


“Last?” You mean, the last released so far?[/quote]
Yes, I’m sure that’s what it means, since all of us in the beta know how excellent Starshatter will be. ;)

What’s odd is that no one has done anything like Terra Nova in the era of 3D acceleration. The only things not to like in that game (from Looking Glass, btw) were the atrocious voice acting and FMV sequences (big deal) and the occasional obscene difficulty of some of the missions which required near split-second timing managing four distinct characters. But mostly it was a superb tactical shooter, with flair and style and a gritty sci-fi realism that Tribes and PlanetSide would kill to own.

As for wargames, well, wargames don’t do the types of numbers that even show up on the radar of mainstream publishers. Even for Battlefront we have no reliable info on how many copies of CMBO or CMBB have actually been sold.

Transport Tycoon (Deluxe version)

I loved that game, still got it kicking around somewhere, but it doesnt like windoze 2k.

I liked Crimson Skies, but I’m not sure that it sold badly.

Kohan and Warlords Battlecry 2. The two best RTS games ever made, and they sold squat at retail.

My two cents is simply to agree with Doug. That Kohan and Battlecry 2 were so overlooked is criminal.


I’m still craving a 3D Magic Carpet from Bullfrog.