Games you love at first, but then come to loathe in the last act


Oh man, I had forgotten that boss! But it’s all coming back - my PC at the time was woefully underpowered and that fight was pretty much a slide show, took me forever to beat.


I was going to mention this game too. Very good combat, but I didn’t really like anything else about the game. I thought it was overrated.

Also, Underrail was great, but then the Deep Caverns with its respawning mobs kind of frustrated me. I had to resort to using a walkthrough, which I always hate doing!


LOL that is a great question. I played DOS 1, but didn’t actually finish it as I got lost about 2/3 the way through & couldn’t find the next thing, and my son & I hung it up. Then the DOS 2 kickstarter started up, and I contributed! If I would have done the same thing with DOS 2 and gave up when I got to Arx, I probably would be a huge fan.


7 Days to Die

I really do enjoy survival games in Co-op mode but when they take the general concept, zombies are slow during the day, and throw it out the window so they can make the game hard and just throw everything but the kitchen sink at it to make it gamey, then it felt more like wave game than the scavenge by day and huddle and fight at night it started as.


Enough if the content already, fix like everything else.

Sim City

Not going to lie, the first hour or so was a lot of fun, and then you realize all the simulations, all the separate city stuff… none of it works.

Civ VI

Love the exploration part, the early building, the exciting new world feel and then you hit the diplomacy, what little there is, and war part of the game… the war part the AI can barely handle.


I do hope you’re talking about the 2013 edition, not the actually good editions that preceded it. ;)


Already? That was fast.


Yes. I enjoyed the versions before it, pretty much all of them actually, even the one that wound up on NES that I peppered with Casinos to make money.


Yeah, I give KOTOR2 a free pass as well. Keep meaning to replay with the restored content patch.


Hah, I never played the NES version, but have heard it’s great for what it was.


It was great fun! Even then it did not fully set me up for what would be Sim City 200. Sim City 4 I thought was a disaster but then… came the mods. Is there a game with better longevity due to the mods than 4 which is still kicking almost 15 years later.


Freespace 2 is the only other example I can think of.


I think it would be a mistake to skip out on KOTOR2 just because the last few minutes kind of fly apart - it’s still a classic, especially if you liked the first one. Still, I keep meaning to try again with the patch if only to see the expanded HK-47 content.


God yeah. . . once we were actually able to sign in and play the fucking thing, it seemed so great. . . until you realized it was dead behind the eyes. All that fucking bullshit touting the intra-city gameplay, sending services back and forth, and none of it ever even worked. And then they abandoned it. Goddamn that still pisses me off to this very day.

Know what’s even better than the NES version of SimCity? The SNES version! It might actually be my favorite version of the series to date, control scheme aside. It had a really nice little loop to it.

But SC2K is up there, too.


SC2K is primarily my favorite for one reason: SimCopter.


My cousin and I could afford to buy one new computer game the summer we got addicted to SC2K together. We chose. . . Streets of SimCity.

I am not proud of 11-year-old Armando’s decisionmaking.


Oh man, what a massive disappointment that game was, especially after how AMAZING SimCopter was. They took out an entire dimension and made it WORSE somehow.


Diablo 3 - Good god the last act had me so tired of the game and the gear that I was happy to uninstall it afterward. And I’ve never gone back. In comparison, I replayed D1 and D2 many, many times.

Subnautica - I really hesitate to even say it, because I love the game so much. But I despise the late game, which is where the currently unfinished story concludes, but along this journey you slowly overcome the fear of the depths and exploration of enemy rich areas. Except, by the end, all of those monsters can one shot you and quickly take down, if not one shot any of your vehicles. You go from the fantastic setting of exploration and survival, to just monster avoidance so you can pick up story dialog pieces. End game needs some love in my opinion.

Bioshock - Fuck that ending, so much.


On the flipside, if i could get a Burnout 3: Takedown-style combat racer with modern graphics and the same concept (drive and wreck shit through cities of your own design) that didn’t suck, I’d buy the fucko ut of that.


Shit, I’d kickstart the deluxe edition with 3D printed cars and T-shirts if someone made that.


Man, you should go back for adventure mode, which is great, and makes going through that horribly-written story worth it.