Games you love at first, but then come to loathe in the last act


Great. I might have to check it out. It definitely has a leg up on Sim City 4. That one was kind of empty when it came out and mods livened it up and kept it alive for… a long time. It needed the mods though.


Spoilers! No wait… I never could finish that one either.


Shouldn’t we set the bar higher for ME in this case? Since RPGs have more narrative freedom?


Would you kindly elaborate on this opinion?


As a general principle I use a broad definition of ‘RPG’ so as to avoid rabbit holes of category errors.


Calling ME an RPG is already applying the category pretty broadly.


Why, because it lets you point and shoot your own guns manually?


I so rarely get to the final act of any game.

Star Ruler 2 is a game I really wanted to like. I should have liked it. And I initially did but I bounced off it so hard during my ascent of the Chick Parabola.


As you see it. “Is it an according-to-Hoyle RPG?” is an argument I decided long ago not to get drawn into. If it makes you feel better, I’ll concede the point.


ME (the series) was mostly not an RPG. The first one was such a bad RPG that they ditched all that stuff in the sequels.


I would call ME 2 an RPG. I think it fits that category better than a space sim. I played it because it was an RPG.


Seconding Fallout 4. The sense of exploration is great. Better than Skyrim because of the survival mode, makes adventuring into unknown meaningful, since you don’t know when you can find a bed next time and save the game.

I’m ok with Shaun being a prick. Well “ok” is too mild a term, more like I can tolerate him, being my long lost son taken from me from birth and raised by a bunch of techno racists and therefore I couldn’t have raised him to be a better person. He may see me as a mother (yeah I chose Nora) but I don’t see him as a son.

Now all four factions have their flaws. The Institute is techno-racist. The Brotherhood is techno-fascist. The Minutemen are a bunch of pussies. The Railroad are a bunch of deluded-idealists, thinking synthetics are more important than humans, not just that they are equal. But none of them deserves to be wipe off the map.

And then the last act asks me to kill at least two out of four factions, i.e. commit mass murder. There is no negotiation, no compromise, nothing. So I decided to never “finished” the game and do the final quests.


Totally agree on this and was the first game that popped into my mind on this topic. I loved dying light so much and there was still so much potential for that game that they didnt even tap into…but that ending made me so angry that it carried over into the dlc that i had bought (hoping that it would be more of the good feelings from earlier in the game) and after i few missions i just uninstalled the fuck out o it (if one can uninstall something angrilly)

I was close to this in DD on my first lvl6 party wipe…i gave the game another chance and learned a lot about the mistakes i had made and the second attempt was so much better for it

lol, i read this and thought “there were mechs in that game”? Like how are submarines even supposed to torpedo them…then i realized i was thinking of silent service 2…very different game :)


After the Ryan reveal. It kind of peters out, then you get the requisite ending after the boss fight. I dunno, I felt like I put so much time into it and then after the reveal (which was pretty awesome,) it slows way the hell down.

The game should have had the surprise and ended. The rest felt pretty unnecessary.


Dude, no. Just no.

Let me tell you why, there are good games for small kids. Loopin Chewie, Ticket to Ride Junior, Sorry Sliders (we got the Cars version) are all games my nearly 4 year old son loves, and are fun enough to play with him.

Now would I play them over one of my games? No. But he’s 4, X-wing and Railroad Tycoon are beyond him for a few years.

I made it explicitly clear to my family that when buying board games for my kids that Monopopy, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders were NOT ok, and would be returned. Zooloretto is on his list his year. So is Animal Upon Animal.

So do yourself a favor, and drop those ‘classics’ and get some real kids games that won’t make you hate yourself.


No, no, not mechs, they are Panzerklein!

But yes. A great tactical game ruined by dumb-ass, unnecessary technobullshit.


As you surmised, most of these games were gifts, and mostly from folks who wouldn’t know a good board game, or good kids’ board game, if it fell into their laps. But I’m not quite enough of a hard liner to return these gifts, annoying as they can be. We do have other better games we throw into the mix and I’m confident, or aybe hopeful, that they’ll get bored with Candyland soon.

Also, I don’t own a copy of Monopoly, so maybe we’ll dodge that bullet. Go straight to Diplomacy.


I like what @divedivedive said about game length; right length is right length.

For me, pretty much all standard RPGs suck at the end.


This one wouldn’t have bothered me so much if they had just pushed the alternate reality WW2 story from the get go. Instead it was this, WTF moment during the story that just went zany from there and greatly affected gameplay and combat.


Panzerkleins. Yeah, they ruin the game (well, at least the first one. I haven’t played Sentinels yet).