Games you still follow after you stop stop playing

I thought it may be interesting to discuss the games, and their scenes, that we still follow even though we no longer play them. The most interesting aspect of this, and one I haven’t quite figured out myself, is … why do I still follow these? The following are the games I was, at one point, HEAVILY into and still follow, even though I no longer play any of them.

Star Fleet Battles
20+ years ago I played this religiously for years, and competed in the tournament scene. Great game, but it took a LOT of effort to play this game, especially for fleet battles. Of all the board games I’ve played, the SFB fleet battles are probably the most intense, and took the most amount of time to play (~20+ hours). This game is high on list of game I’ll return turn when I win the lottery and can pay my friends to play with me. :)

Lineage 2
My first MMO, oh the memories; everything was new to me; leveling was slow but rewarding; my friends; … then came the bots; grind; cheaters; ebayers; and more grind. L2 was the best and worst MMO I’ve ever played. To this day, no other MMO captured the Clan and Alliance world PVP battles (castle capturing) than L2. I still read the patch notes and feel the urge to play, but I know the bad parts of the game make this game unworthy of my time. I still read the flame boards to see how my old crew is doing.

Magic the Gathering
I also played this competitively, at tourneys and was rated. Something about reading the new expansions still does it for me. I haven’t played in at least 10 years and I still read every new card that comes out. :(

Tribes 1 & 2
I also played this “competitively” and still find myself watching old demos (youtube) and checking up on my old clannies. I’ve never been in a (real) war, but I do think I know a bit of the feeling and camaraderie soldiers have about the buddies they went to war with get after fighting with their comrades.

I still follow Ultima Online and WoW a little bit. Part of the reason for doing so is that I can see myself playing them again in the future. In fact, the odds are pretty good that I’ll return to WoW at some point, but not so good for UO.


Played from Launch day for around 2 years then quit. It got boring to play, but superb to read about the latest scandals and intrigue.

I buy about a pack of Magic:The Gathering cards a year, with no intention of playing the game, just to see where the mechanics are going these days.

Heh, why not just read the official spoilers on the net, almost always with nice pics too!

The purchase and opening of the pack is part if the ritual.

Don’t judge me.

Flight sims. LOL (I think)

When did you stop playing WoW?
It’s a whole different (worse) game than if you were playing / raiding in vanilla and it looks as if it goes further down the train with every patch. Might want to save the memories instead (I would if I’d had the chance).
I mainly log on because of my guildies not because of content these days.

WoW was the only game I followed a bit while I stopped playing for some months.
I neither followed UT nor TF2 (besides if they appeared in the general game news (Titan Pack; Scout update) since I stopped playing them.

I more or less quit playing around Christmas of last year. My account officially went inactive a few days ago.

I still love many aspects of the game. I just get burned out on the endless grinding after a while. I’m also waiting for welfare epics to come back! ;)

Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Cheers came from the next room, where three people were playing World of Warcraft. Zack said “Did someone just hit 80?” and my initial interpretation was “age 80.” Finally, three years after I stop playing, my mental dissociation from the game has begun. I should be getting achievement points for this.

After I finish playing a game, I usually keep following it for around another month. It is nice to see what others are saying when you have the whole game in perspective.

I hear you bro.


WoW. I’ve actually never cancelled my account, and right now I consider myself playing. But there have been months where I stopped playing, and I would still be interested in what was going on in a broad sense (not deep enough to not be surprised by the changes when I did return).

City of Heroes. Same story, except I have cancelled my account, although since I paid by the year, I’ve still got a month left before I’m officially out. I haven’t played much in a long time, though, but really like to see what they are doing. I’m still in touch with most of the people I played with (although about half of them I knew IRL before playing, so maybe they don’t count)

Asheron’s Call. Something I actually did quit. My first MMO. I very occasionally check in on the news and see what’s going on (if I can make heads or tails of it).

White Wolf games. I’m not sure if I’ll ever play again. I got the new books, and have read maybe half of them. I don’t like the Exalted rules anymore (and yet still got some of the new books). I really like the setting material though, and follow their livejournal. I played a ton of it in college though. And I still find myself wanting to play, at least until I pick up a rulebook and mentally run through the steps it would take to get gameplay I’d actually enjoy.

One Roll Engine (Wild Talents, Reign, Monsters and Other Childish Things, etc) - I’ve played this only a few times. I do like the system, even though it doesn’t address some of my gaming goals at all. I actively promote the games when I can and have done work for the publisher directly. But I play it maybe once a year if that? And it’s entirely for the lack of trying. I can’t really explain it, except that I’d rather play other games (games that address my goals more directly) whenever the chance comes up. And yet, I’ll gladly still throw myself into projects to increase the support for the various games.

It’s definitely a whole different game, but by that I mean radically improved. I spent days on my return just marvelling at all the old annoyances they’d smoothed right out of existence, and both expansions considerably up the ante for quest and encounter design. The new powers and revamped talent trees were great, and the Death Knight is a hoot.

Not that it’s -all- fixed. In particular, I also spent days on my return being ceaselessly annoyed by item drop quests, where I really, really wish they’d take a page or two from Warhammer Online. Up the drop rate on the items tremendously, grant one to everyone in the party, automatically loot them, and have a separate, infinite quest inventory for the quest items. Being as I’ve been doing all my play as a duo with a friend of mine, those quests are royally annoying. (As are the world interactable collection quests.)