Games you thought would be fun, but were very boring instead


Gary Grigsby’s War in the West

Call of Duty 4

The Long Dark


Anyone mention AI War ? I recall finishing the 6 or so hour tutorial, only to get bored with the first real game I tried. Never went back.


Oh…everything? The fact that the computer is convincingly playing a 4X game around me? The varied quests? The way empires behave toward each other. The multiple ways to win and lose. The varied toys to play with. The ease of co-op. This game is so good, I have to avoid playing it because NOTHING ELSE WILL GET DONE if I do.

You can play it with a controller, which makes it more akin to this. It’s the only way I play it, really.

Also this.


It crossed my mind but I didn’t find it boring so much as overwhelming and unwieldy with its myriad units and their many varied counters. Blobbing seemed like the only realistic option.

The automation of that game was something else though. Arcen did all sorts of cool things to reduce micro that made it even more difficult to go back to traditional RTS.


Obligatory tutorial screenshot:

Throw the blobs at the blobs!


Yeah, I am REALLY hoping AI War 2 isn’t as…obtuse…


I saw the comments above about this game and, having never heard of it, it made me curious. I saw that Steam has the first two for PC and Disgaea 2 has a demo that covers the first 3 chapters so I downloaded it and started playing yesterday.

I’m around level 5 and I feel like I’m trying to learn Sanskrit without benefit of any books on the subject. Wow, the game sure has a lot of obtuse and weird mechanics to learn. Apparently dwarf tossing is a real thing in this game. Anyway, despite the learning curve, I like the combat and all the varied stuff you can do and am strangely fascinated by it all. I’m not going to pay $20 for it but if it’s on the Steam Summer sale, I’ll probably pick it up.


Yay another convert! Disgaea 5 has friendlier interface but I think playing an earlier title is a good idea. They keep adding more and more mechanics through the series, some of which supercede older ones in utility.


Well, I don’t have a console so not much choice there for me. They have the first two games for PC on Steam but not the rest of them. It appears Disgaea 5 will be released on Steam for PC later this summer though. But not 3 or 4 oddly enough.


Disgaea 1 is much better than 2. 2 has some nice refinements to the gameplay, but the story in 1 is light years better, charming in that anime kind of way without being cloying or obnoxious. And I say that as someone who has long since grown out of his anime phase.


Gunpoint. On paper, it sounded awesome, but It just didn’t click with me. After several attempts to continue the story I had to accept that it just wasn’t working for me and shelved it.


Update: Divinity: Original Sin. I’ve started this game yet again, and again I find myself just lacking the will to live once I get to that first city, with the billion needle in a haystack quests. I love the combat in this game, and I love class and party building. Tooling around dungeons and overworld, and the combat is really fantastic, but this old school quest stuff just kills this game for me every time. I keep trying to push past the city part, but I literally can’t do it without falling asleep.


Yeah, that town drags bad. Just find a guide and plow through it. It’s not like you’re missing anything interesting, really, anyway.


For some reason, I keep bouncing off of elven legacy. I was hoping for an updated fantasy general with unique sides but I did not get that (or at least not the feeling that FG gave me).


That’s where I am. Most recent (just yesterday) offender for me was Nier : Automata. I had to slog through the introduction 3 times due to dying the first time to the 2 cranes and a couple of days being called out of the house right after I whacked the big robot with its own hand. Then I arrived at the space station and I just can’t make myself to go roam around figuring out what I’m supposed to do next.


I am on the other side: I haven’t played a single boring games for years. When a game bores me, I stop playing at once. Even if I were paid, I wouldn’t inflict that to myself.


There’s a good side question:

Ever play a game and push on past it being or seeming boring or tedious and find that it ended up rewarding you?


Nearly every RPG I’ve ever played has had a slow, even boring, start. You’ve got to get a few interesting skills and weapons before things really pick up, seems like. In most cases it pays off, I guess I just think of it as eating my vegetables first.


Yup. Computer RPG or Paper/Pen. Concur.


Depends on frame of mind… so many variables.

Cool topic though, and personal.