Games you'd like to see on the PSP

Katamari Damacy

Jeez! Not until they somehow add another stick…
Might as well ask for a PSP version of DDR or Eye Toy there McMaster.

I’d dig a survival horror title. Play it in the dark, in the closet, with the headphones on. Yeah!

I’d learn to live with it!

I’d like to see a 3D equivalent of what Golden Sun is to the GBA. That is, an original, planned-out, multi-part Grade A Japanese RPG series that really makes you feel like you’re playing something that could have been made for a console, but just isn’t.

I’d also like to see a massively multiplayer game that really takes advantage of the Wi-Fi capability. Infected is definitely up this alley, but it would be cool to maybe resurrect that modern warfare MMO strategy game that ended up canned a few years back. I can’t remember the name, but it was supposed to page and email you with realtime updates if your territory was being compromised and stuff. I want to say it was called Sovereign, but I’m not sure.

A really good RTS or TBS game, something like Fire Emblem.

Wasn’t that a Sony project?I remember that, it sounded cool.

10Six. It was a Sega game, I think.

God of War

I’m pretty sure Katamari is coming to the DS.

So if all you’re looking for is a handheld version, you’re set. Otherwise, well, sucks for you.

At least Matt’s idea would take advantage of the portability… who cares about another home console game port to the PSP. Sony needs to produce ORIGINAL PSP content, not a whole bunch more rehashes and ports.


Okay, a survival horror game that isn’t Silent Hill or Resident Evil. I want Resident Hill or Silent Evil because I hate ports.

Maybe we can finally get that Resident of Evil Creek game made.

Microsoft Train Simulator 2

katamari on DS?!?! awesome.

Microsoft’s “pullin a train”

I’d love to see the return of Jumping Flash! and Warhawk some day, regardless of whether it’s on the PSP or any other Sony system.

Though, I’d love to see some really short, Side-Scroller games on the system… that take maybe an hour or so to play through. One of the great aspects of having a portable gaming device, is because you can pick it up and play on the go. Kind of loses it’s impact when all the games are 10-15 hours and have 5 minute load times.


XCOM… on anything.


An X-Wing/TIE Fighter collection with upgraded visuals and wireless multiplayer on XWvTF, as long as were talking about resurrecting classics.

So, are we just supposed to post the names of game we like, regardless of whether they’d be appropriate for the PSP? Because if so, I’m just going to say Sacrifice.

Oh, and Dominions II.