Games you're constantly going back to/ game addiction

Oh, I know the game exists, but even with all the patches, the wonderful game specified in the documentation (a humongous manual, the separate small spell book, and some other small book I forget) has never been fully implemented, and it still crashes.

In the past, I’ve just found it too frustrating to be able to get immersed in. But the elements are so good I try again every few years. Maybe Kael and Brad will combine to bring something that makes the old game discardable.

Thought I’d resurrect this thread. I’m not feeling well waiting on surgery. Most of the “new games” seem to have so much more reaction speed and things too them. Sure, when I feel up to it it is fun, but …

I just reinstalled:

Caeser III (patches and working native on Windows 7! not easy though)
Settlers III, with missons and Amazon also native on Windows 7.

Games, slow games. I have the other two old Sierra city builders (Pharoah already mentioned once in thread and Emperor). And if it takes a while to schedule the surgery may end up redoing them too!

It made me think of the pace of games now too. They seem more stimulating, adrenaline things than these old options. And many in this thread are the “slow games”. SimCity’s, old Civ’s, MOO, MoM, IWD, etc. Sure I get a rush after successfully doing a hard boss run in one of the new MMOs with lots of active twitch-based dodging and constant positioning with loads of situational awareness, but there is no exercise of my logical puzzle solving part. Playing these old games, I think I miss that. I also get a good feeling after solving scenarios with proper puzzle like placement and resource management schemes. I just feel like its using a whole different part of my brain. Where did these games go?

I’ve spent most of today playing the original WarCraft. I also play WarCraft II in all of its variations from time to time. has been a great source of old games. I have purchased Master of Magic, Panzer General II, Master of Orion, The Settlers II: Gold Edition and numerous other games from them.

A more recent title that I play is Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization. It is a successor to the older Sid Meier’s Colonization that I also play.

As you can see, I am a retro gamer. Although the new games have better graphics, most of them just don’t have the pizzazz the old games do.

This, I recently realized is why I love these games, too. I honestly am not really in games for the adrenaline rush. The games I really love are about building, development, and fine-tuning systems. I’m not in a hurry. Just give me some goals and let me find my way to them. Zeus is the pinnacle for me (although I prefer Pharaoh’s theme). Anno 1404 is another spectacular example. I thought Settlers 7 was an incredible design, but it was precisely the pace and the competitive pressure that kept me from really latching on to it. I’m sure that’s what others really loved about it.

Can’t say I’m constantly going back to it, but after having not played it since 2010, I fired up Just Cause 2 again. I forgot how fun that game is, not to mention a giant time sink.

Fired this up for the first time in years just last week. Try The Authentic Colonization (TAC) mod, too! Makes it about as good as the original, IMHO.

After reading about Chris Avellone playing Arcanum for the Project Eternity Kickstarter, I fired up my GOG fully modded version, haven’t played for a long time and never with some of these mods, but always loved the game so just the excuse I needed.

I’ve tried starting this a few times, but never get far. I think its just a little bit too slow for me for some reason, but man…that music is some of the best I ever heard in a game.

Personally, I go back to Mount & Blade Warband all the time. I must have sunk in over 400 hours in the singleplayer part. Not bad for paying 7 dollars for the beta many years ago. With mods such as Prophecy of Pendor and Brytenwalda, there is a LOT of fun in these games. Especially if you don’t cheat!

Another favorite that is always installed is Master of Orion 2, and Master of Magic. Sadly, Moo2 has some sound issues on my system, but MoM is something I play often.

While building/management sims remain my favorite genre, I can’t think of any one title I would constantly go back to. As you say, the scenarios are mostly puzzles, and when you’ve solved the puzzle, there is little reason to replay them.

Do you know Imperium Civitas / Glory of the Roman Empire and its sequel Imperium Romanum? I think Haemimont nailed the feeling you describe, rewarding precision and forward thinking at a leisurely pace.

Not a lot for me, but one of them would be Doom.

I have played the Haemimont games but somehow for me they fail to scratch the same itch as Caesar III. What’s the consensus on Caesar IV, has anyone tried it? I don’t see it being talked about much.

Just read my post above from a couple of years back without realising I’d posted it… just checked my new laptop and yep have Rome TW, MOO2 & AOW SM installed so I remain true to my word. :)

Ahem, I didn’t see you in my Cacowards thread. But I didn’t play much Doom this year.

Wait, we have a Cacowards thread?

I spent most of yesterday evening playing Alpha Centauri, since GoG was so kind as to bundle in the Alien Crossfire expansion for free. AC is probably the game I’ve put the most hours into.

Svensgaard is so ridiculously OP.

EVE Online is the game I always gravitate back to. I’ve played on and off since beta.

As a sidenote, and this may be deserving of a thread by itself, but EVE is also the only game that appears in my dreams. Yes, I sometimes have dreams of traveling through space in the universe of EVE. I can’t figure out why this, and not other games. There was a stretch of about five years, for example, where WoW was practically the only game I played, yet I’ve never dreamed of strutting around Azeroth.

It may have something to do with the immersiveness of EVE. I like the feel of the game, and flying around in space is almost a meditative experience.

But back to this thread, the other games I fire up now and then every year or two would be Civilization IV, Baldur’s Gate I and II, Mount & Blade and X-Com UFO Defense.

I have a feeling Skyrim will be added to this list as the years go on.

A couple years ago it was Worms Reloaded. Now it’s Tribes: Ascend. I love feeding the addiction and getting really skilled at these games, but I hate how it keeps me from playing other games as much I’d like. Every time I go to start a new Tribes match, some tiny part of me just loathes myself for it. That’s how you know it’s an addiction!

Alpha Centauri by a wide margin. Every time I boot up a new iteration of Civ, after the newness wears off (look, sparkly stuff!) I end up backsliding towards this gem. Forget Sid, this game is all about Brian Reynolds and his amazing design. Sure, the voxel graphics look a bit wierd on modern systems, but the gameplay and the way the factions create their own stories each time I play, keep me coming back several times a year for the last 14 (!) years.

Addicted? Not sure that applies to any of my gaming, though.

I’ve just created this from all the CD-era game boxes I’m disposing of now… Addiction? Well, maybe. I think I’d go with major hobby myself. I think.

I play brain age 1 & 2 almost every single morning; do they count?