Games you're constantly going back to/ game addiction

How about Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

Nice! I looked over that and realized I owned 26 of those at one point in time. So many good games there!

Cd Era is best era!

That’s sufficiently pretty that I’m considering scanning all my DVD covers and doing the DVD era :)

I will probably play the L4D games until I am physically unable to anymore.

I play Deus Ex, Gothic 2, and Morrowind about annually.

Now go play some WADs!

Oh yah, L4D2 for sure. Whenever I have half an hour to kill at home I jump into a game.

bah! You beat me by one. I have 25 of those.
What’s upsetting to me is that he said he was disposing of all those boxes. Nooo!

Aahhh, gorgeous. I had I count 29 of those, many I still have on CD. I miss 90s gaming sometimes. Good on you for having Uprising. Love that damn game, yet few seem to recall it.

Please do I love the CD era scan. I had to get rid of most of my boxes over the years but have kept all my manuals so I still have a piece of that great time.

Uprising! That game was great. Forgot all about it, but the screenshots bring me back. I also love Terra Nova. But the best game in there by far is OUTCAST!!!

I think I have all those games in the attic somewhere, except for Legacy of Time and Hidden & Dangerous. And I had Crimson Skies on Xbox, not PC.

That’s the best mod for the game that I’ve found yet. Thanks for the link.

Master of Magic
King of Dragons Pass
Space Empires IV
Diablo II
Dominions 3 and Conquest of Elysium 3

Majesty. I still love it.

Wow, the Doom games are easily my favorite to go back and replay every few years. I had no idea that there was still an active community creating new maps. Looks like I have quite a bit of new Doom content on my plate the next time I load it up… which may need to be soon!

Man, that Outcast box has to be one of the coolest ever designed. It alone made me buy the game. No internet for me at that time and very rarely a PC mag.

I still have most of my CD-era boxes. Well, I have the slip-covers anyway; the internal cardboard got tossed years ago. I think I’m going to ditch most of the jewel-cases as well, saving the case inserts and stuffing them into a binder with the discs. Basically, I have it down to a single medium-sized box.

Good catch. Fits the bill. just too bad it wasn’t a great game. OK, but it has to be great for me to endure First person view.

I was going to keep just one as a souvenir, and that was the one I’d chosen :) It’s actually such a high quality selection that I must have made an earlier pass and culled some of the less worthy. Ultima IX comes to mind.

Fantastic display, Alistair. I own 33 of those titles.

Edit: to respond to the point of this thread - although I haven’t played in awhile now, the one classic I would come back to the most often over the years would have to be DOOM.