Games you're thankful for (Thanksgiving thread - No negativity allowed)


I’m thankful for this thread. And the giveaway thread. And I’m thankful for this community.

I think I’d be okay without games; and I’m thankful for that. Finally, I’m thankful that there are cherries on the top of life satisfaction (e.g. games) including the ones that have made me smile over the last year: Xcom2 WOTC, GW2 PoF, Path of Exile, Nioh, Bloodborne, and a few more.


Such a pleasure reading this thread :)

I am thankful for CD Projekt’s continued insistence on fulfilling my teenage dreams, first in letting me explore beautiful Sapkowski’s world in glorious detail and as Geralt no less, and in the future for letting me (hopefully) explore fleshed out cyberpunk world.

Then I am thankful to Obsidian and its predecessor Black Isle and Troika for creating the greatest interactive experiences ever.

Also, thanks Tom for this site and forum. Been here for almost a decade now, time flies.


At the moment I am thankful for GT Sports terrific execution of online racing, which I’m enjoying very much. Using a wheel has also alleviated a lot of my thumb pain so I am thankful for that (I think controllers were aggravating my injury).

In general I am thankful for gaming since it offers a pretty decent stress relief for me in life.


I’m thankful for Fallout 4, Skyrim and State of Decay.

I’m also thankful for the plethora of space 4x, fantasy 4x and rpg games out there.


Awesome thread idea, and a great read so far!

I’m too am thankful for Qt3. I joined almost 10 years ago and this continues to be my #1 stop on the net for gaming news, and conversation. I’m not a big contributor to threads but I do love following the conversations here. Some of the most interesting reading I do every day!

As for games, this year I’m most thankful for Divinity Original Sin 2, Prey, Rimworld and The Nintendo Switch.
Also, thankful that developers are still making new iterations of some of my favorite series, such as Spellforce and Xcom.


I am going to say Star Citizen (because it shows that the space sim genre is viable and I think it helped other Space games - if nothing else).

MOO 1 & 2
Civ Series
Plants and Zombies (it was so much fun and probably opened TD genre to many people who would have never have even tried this type of game).
Incredible Machine (brought to life Rube Goldberg devices)
Dig Dug
Might and Magic (it was such a huge game)
Sim City
Railroad Tycoon
City of Heroes (was so much fun playing with pick up groups)
Advanced Wars (I played this when I was recovering from surgery)
Roller Coaster Tycoon (the only PC game my wife really liked)


I’m thankful for:

the Blackwell series. Such great characters, especially Rosa.
Deus Ex. A two-year obsession for me, and possibly the most positive, friendly online community at PlanetDeusEx.
XCOM 2. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and that was a good thing.
Tropico. Great, relaxing music, wonderfully thoroughly done aesthetic, and tiny people to help or abuse.


I am thankful for having so many choices in genres, and within genres. I am thankful for a hobby that can bring me to tears of delight as well as tears of frustration. I am thankful for save points and easy mode, because now I can enjoy games that used to be frustratingly hard. I am thankful to Steam for making PC gaming so easily accessible. And, let’s see, a game…. The Fire Emblem series, for giving me a hand held gaming option that I love as much as PC.

In addition, like others, I am thankful for Q23 for giving me (a female approaching retirement) a place to participate in discussions about games.


thanks for:

Adventureland on the VIC-20, that extended my passion for fantasy literature by allowing participation… mind-blowing at the time… and subsequently Infocom games that ate up all my paper route money… LAN Doom for endless stress relief in college… and all games that let me connect with my son in another meaningful way… (currently Overwatch)


I am thankful for Visually Stunning games we have been given these last few years. Growing up back when Pong , Asteroids, and Oregon Trail on a monochrome monitor were the games of the day, its amazing how far we have come. The visuals of today’s AAA are just amazing. Witcher 3, AC Origins, Battlefield 1 (anything recently from DICE), Arkham Knight, really so many could be mentioned.


I’m grateful for Moria on the VAX, which i played a ton of in school. Along the way I learned a ton about unix and found usenet, which eventually got me here from csipg and related groups. That interest in unix also got me back into programming, which eventually enabled me to be in my current career.

Honerable mention to netrek, which introduced me to the CS “frat house” at school, where I learned a ton of “interesting” slightly less legal unix stuff.


Wow. So much to be grateful for! So I guess I’ll limit myself to this year.

I’m grateful for NieR: Automata, which proves beyond any doubt that games can be as deep (or even more) than a good book, and for showing how to tackle existentialism in a positive, non-depressing way.

I’m grateful for Heat Signature, which allows me to have a light-hearted Hotline Miami-esque experience that I can tailor to the mood and time I have at the moment.

I’m grateful for so many good ports of good games coming to the PC, most of all Nioh, which is everything I wanted of a Souls-like game.

Finally, I’m grateful for Qt3. I don’t have close friends that have an interest for games like me, and games are an important part of my life; I’m grateful that I have this space to talk about games and more, with a lot of great people that (the vast majority of the time) also happen to rekindle my faith in humankind.


I am thankful for ELEX, which is turning out to be a good way to spend my free time over the holidays.

I am thankful for Steam and GOG, for always having good deals on games with no fuss.

I am thankful for all the modders/patchers out there, who fix old or broken games.


I’m thankful for Star Wars Galaxies, MOO2, the Civ games, Everquest, World of Warcraft, Imperialism 2, XCom, System Shock, Hearthstone, War in the Pacific Admirals’ Edition, and many other great games. Also for Steam and Qt3.


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends to the south.

Thankful for Pong which started my journey from Pong->ColecoVision->Commodore64->AtariST->PC gaming journey.


That’s a great one I should have thought of TundraToad - that’s exactly where my hobby/addiction started!


I agree, however just switch Atari 2600 for ColecoVision and you have my journey to pc gaming.

My mom had a ColecoVision and I played it some just before my I started the job that would have for the next 31 years. Loved Tron, one person could control movement and the other could control shooting. It was the best coop I ever played.


Big thanks to my friend Joe who introduced my to his VIC 20 playing Shamus. Oh so many eons ago. You are the cause of all of this.


I’m thankful for DERPSPACE. The latest developer update is nothing short of mind-blowing.


I am thankful for portable game.

I haven’t had much time to game at home due to a very busy schedule - most nights by the time I get home I have just enough energy and time to surf the web for a little or watch an episode of a short Netflix show. So the 3DS or Vita travel with me in my bag and I get to get at least an hour of gaming time on my commute to and from work and occasionally on my lunch hour. Especially thankful for the Vita where I can carry with me a large PS1, PSP and Vita collection of games.