Gamespot starts pop-up ads?

Was browsing Gamespot’s new stories quite happily when I got a new-window pop-up ad for The Animatrix. This is new, isn’t it? I was vaguely surprised, since even IGN don’t actually pop up new windows when they serve you ads.

Of course, I don’t have a Gamespot Complete account. Maybe if I get one of those, the annoying pop-ups will go away. Hmmm.

[I know I can suppress pop-ups, but I just switched browsers and haven’t got round to it yet.]

I haven’t browsed Gamespot in months, but when I come up against this I like to fire off an angry letter to the editor. Explaing exactly why I will not visit his/her site ever again as long as they waste my time and bandwidth with bloody pop-ups

Did anyone get the GS DVD thing handed to them at e3? It says 30 day trial of gs complete, then you try the link and it asks for a promo code, which exists NOWHERE on the dvd…

If you take the cd out of the case there’s a sticker on the case, underneath the cd, with the promo code.



No problem. Hehe, but you’re supposed to say "Well, it wasn’t there for some stupid reason. Fuck Gamespot, I got my code from alt.binaries.gamespotcomplete.warez

I can never seem to find these things, when I got xbox live I went INSANE trying to find it, called them etc… and the guy goes ‘scratch off that shiney stuff’


Funny how people complain about pop-up ads, yet yell at me when I complain about being forced to use a third-party service to matchmake and download patches. This makes me livid because of the endless “pop-ups” which disrupt my gaming experience.

Come on, people. This is so fucking lame of you.

holy mother of god…

I always thought GS was slow as a dog and full of red x’s because I didnt have GS complete (because when that service started these issues began)

But now, I have this trial GScomplete and it’s the slowest site I’ve ever visited and about 50% of the graphics are dead. What the hell? It can’t look like this to everyone. I’m not on a skimpy line or anything and I havent got troubles with any other sites or with games or whatever.

Anyone ever experience this?

EDIT: Aha! hosts file for ad blocking… removed the server they have images on, all is fine except for speed, sluggish site still.

Downloads ARE fast though so thats fine. Its pretty nice, actually.

I have Gamespot Complete and other than during E3 have not experienced any problems. During E3 access was a bit slow at times.

As far as all the complaints about popup ads go, I don’t get it. You guys expect to read stuff for free and then complain when the website needs to do what it has to to make it financially. I’m not a big popup ad fan either, but if I’m getting a quality product for free, I’m not going to complain if they have to use popups to get revenue.

You made me curious enough that I went ahead and activated my trial period as well. Other than the ocassional broken image I havn’t had any problems. Even the broken images get fixed once I hit refresh, so it just seems like an issue on my end.

In the end, I don’t think I’ll keep my subscription for very long. I’m not interested in downloading trailers, don’t really read previews, don’t enjoy video reviews(How many times can they say “Like” or “You know” in a single review?), and am not interested in the news they report. If they started covering games from independent developers I’d be all over it though! Hehehe.

Let me check my scorecard. In this thread someone complained about popups at Gamespot. That’s it.

In Met_K’s thread Met_K complained about Gamespy, then claimed he was going to pirate the game and return the original for a refund, cursed the developer who has been nice enough to post here and answer questions about the game, and then suggested that someone posting in the thread should commit pedophila.

Reality 10, Met_K -100.

Would you quit harping, already?

I’ve toned it down. I’ll tone it down ever more. But it’s going to get real old, real fast, if everytime I say something “anti-developer” that this gets brought up.

You’re the one who brought it up, genius.


Because I found the thread lame.

This sounds really bad coming from me, but I thought the thread had no perspective.

I’ll run away now. :/

I can take advertising in exchange for free content. That’s perfectly fine by me. I hate pop-ups though, to the point that I was actively avoiding sites that used them until I switched browser. If someone sticks a flyer in my face on the street my first instinct is to tell the bastard to fuck off and/or kick his ass. Pop-ups are no different. Free content is not worth the bloody hassle and pure annoyance factor.

Maybe they can sell more ads with pop-ups, but I doubt the advertisors get much benefit out of it. Getting angry at a company because they virtually shove their product in my face is not going to make me want to buy anything from them.

I don’t think your analogy holds. If you are walking down the street minding your own business and someone sticks a flyer in your face, sure that’s annoying and it’s reasonable to get pissed off about it. In this case though, it’s much more like you’re going to a free concert put on by some band. During the concert the band passes out flyers about some political cause or something that they are into. Does that piss you off? If you are really not that fond of the band you may decide that you are not going to go to the free concert because it’s not worth dealing with the flyers, or maybe you like the band a lot and you put up with their political flyers. But in any case, whether you like the band enough to put up with the flyers or you decide you don’t like them enough to put up with the flyers, you don’t get pissed off at the band throwing a free concert.

This is absolutely not like you’re walking down the street minding your own business and someone sticks something in your face. This is someone is giving you something for free and is saying that if you want to continue to get it for free they need to do something to pay their own bills. Yes, perhaps it’s appropriate to send them an e-mail telling them that you’re going to stop visiting the website if they keep up the ads. But the amount of “righteous” anger that people have over Internet ads found on websites which they get to visit for free simply astounds me.

Well personally I’m not a huge popup fan, but I’ve found using XP I just right mouse click over the popup’s icon in the task toolbar at the bottom of the screen and then select the “close” in the context menu with very little effort. In many cases I don’t even see the ad. I also pay virtually no attention to banner ads. Probably the ads which I pay the most attention to which don’t annoy me that much is ads which are interspersed within the article itself. Yes, they do break up the story a bit, but I do notice them and they’re not that intrusive.

Look the bottom line is if Gamespot can’t make enough money from its advertising revenue and it’s Gamespot Complete subscribers then Gamespot goes away. If you don’t like Gamespot that’s no big loss. If you do like Gamespot then that’s a bad thing. If they do the calculation and they realize that they can’t make it financially without popups then that means they can’t make it without selling popups–that’s just the reality of the business and we’ll either have to deal with it or stop visiting their website. (Obviously they’ll have to decide if the loss in viewers is worth the additional ad revenue generated). Every gaming website needs to do this same calculation. If we’re not willing to put up with ads, then we may end up with no gaming websites, which in my opinion is a bad thing.

I don’t have a problem with people saying they don’t like popups. But I think it’s unfair for people to be “angry” with free websites for using intrusive advertising. Websites need to pay the bills.

Your concert analogy would be more fitting if, in the middle of a song, someone held a flier in your face so that you couldn’t see the band until you pushed the flier away. I’d get pissed, free concert or not, even if it was a band I absolutely loved.

Like I said, I don’t have a problems with ads as such. I have a problem with pop-ups. They’re nothing but pure annoyance. I can live with them, but I don’t see any reason why I should.

So I switched browser to Opera which gives me a choice not to accept any pop-ups, simple and painless. I don’t see pop-ups anymore.

Now I know there are people here who write for Gamespot and as such have an interest in the continued life of the site, but I don’t care. I don’t care about Gamespots bottom line. If their only way to make enough money is to annoy their visitors then I say good riddance. I’d rather buy magazines, atleast there the ads don’t jump out of the pages at me.

I get angry at websites that think it’s in their best interest to make me annoyed. They need to pay their bills, fine. I don’t need to visit them, and if I see a pop-up, I won’t.

There must be alot of these popup, no pay, threads on the blueboards iirc… but anyway, I don’t mind popups as long as the content is good. And not to knock Gamespot (or even Gamespy and IGN) but alot of there content is easily available on free sites… and if its not, its usually available a couple of days later (videos, screenshots, demos). I WOULD pay a subscription to these sites IF they had a sister mag to send me… and it doesnt even have to have a cd. The writing could be an exact copy of the website, and then at least I have something to read in the bathroom!


This is why I avoid the red line, scary people :cry: