Gamespot starts pop-up ads?

Somehow you completely lost me there.

I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that you lived in the Vårsta that is in the Stockholm region which is southwest from the city centre, out on the red line of the subway.

Ah, that red line.

Yes, I live in Vårsta, Botkyrka, southwest of Stockholm. It’s not anywhere near the red line though, that passes through northern Botkyrka and Vårsta is a fair bit to the south.

And I ain’t that scary. 8)

I just looked on a map when I couldn’t figure out where Vårsta was, thought you were close enough to use it.
I’ve actually worked weekend nights on that line just walking back and forth in the trains. Wasn’t that scary.

Man and I thought you Scandinavians were all easy going, chill out, love everyone socialists! 8)

Avoid the intro ad/pop-up ads at Gamespot.

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of course Kasavin is probably gonna see my post and rectify this situation.

I use Opera.

Whats a pop-up?

Well my only relationship with Gamespot is as a satisfied customer. I care about Gamespot and other gaming websites’ bottom lines because I enjoy reading them. If they can’t unless break even they will go away, which I would consider a major loss.

Now Kalle, I know from your previous posts that you don’t like Gamespot that much, so this comment isn’t directed at you in particular. But in general if we do have websites we care about then it would be foolish not to care about their bottom line. I’m concerned that the renaissance we’ve seen over the past few years, with lots of interesting professional and amateur gaming websites, will die off if the websites can’t find a viable economic model–whether that model is pay-per-view, voluntary contribution, or ad-based.

I agree that an economic model need to be found that enables websites to survive on their own. What I don’t see is why such a model must include pop-ups. I will make angry comments on pop-ups because I don’t want advertisers to think that they are something their potential customers enjoy. I want to make it perfectly clear that pop-ups make parts of their target audience angry, and hopefully they will understand that it is not in their best interests to make people angry at them. Pop-ups are not acceptable to me, pure and simple, and I want to make that clear.

If a site can’t survive without pop-ups should I accept pop-ups out of pity? Hell no. Like I said, a website’s finances are not my concern. If they aren’t just happy amateurs, but rather like Gamespot paid for what they do, it is they who should be concerned about keeping me as a visitor. Not the other way around.

That many find popups annoying isn’t news to anyone, website owners or advertisers. That sites still agree to use them just illustrates how desperate sites are for any kind of ad revenue.

It’s pretty basic – professional editorial sites need a revenue stream, and it either needs to come from advertising, reader fees, or some combination of both. I’d prefer not to pay fees, so I’d rather close a few popups or click through interstitials. Others may find spending $20 a year (or whatever it is) for Gamespot Complete is the better deal.