Gamespot's Greatest Games Feature

Another one. Not a bad start at all, though I have to laugh at Lode Runner being included. Nice game and an early example of a level editor, but please… Jumpman for the C-64 crushed Lode Runner in every way imaginable. IMHO.

Because 10 levels never get old, and hundreds of levels are just crap. Right. :)

I was very happy a few years ago when OGR included Stunt Car Racer on their list of 100 best games ever.


And list that omits Custer’s Revenge can’t be taken seriously.


Because 10 levels never get old, and hundreds of levels are just crap. Right. :)[/quote]

Ten? You didn’t play Jumpman! Try 30 levels (actually 32 because the Mystery level had 3 versions).

Jumpman actually had different enemies on every level, with completely different challenges. Each level had a 10x the artwork and animation of the entire Lode Runner game.

If you have a joystick, run a C-64 or Atari emulator (the Apple ][ version was weaker) on Jumpman versus Lode Runner.

This… THIS is an injustice, Gamespot!

The link:

Heh, these things are always pointless, but make for entertaining debate. For what it’s worth (very little), none of the games they chose would make my top 10, and possibly not even my top 50.

It’s some sort of Hall of Fame thing right? Five now and one weekly thereafter?

An odd opening five for a Hall of Fame, though. Not a Ruth or Cobb in the bunch, except maybe Starcraft.


I hated Jumpman. If he stepped off a curb he’d start doing that “whack whack whack…whack whack…whack whack whack whack whack dizzy” bit.

This is also why I put down Half-Life in disgust. Gordon Freeman could not walk off of a curb without hearing “ankle fracture” or whatever the hell the message was.

Viva Lode Runner! :D

I never played the actual Jumpman, only the CoCo Jumpman-alike “Cashman” (or was it “Ca$hman”?), but I figure they must be almost the same thing. Clearly a better game to Lode Runner whatever it’s called.

That was actually the sound of your credibility crumbling.

That was actually the sound of your credibility crumbling.[/quote]

Obviously you mistook me for someone who had some to begin with.

Just out of curiosity, is it Jumpman (may he rot in hell) or Half-Life (may the sequel be better) that got your goat?

Street Fighter II the greatest game of all time? Laughable. I think general consensus would go with either Pac Man or Super Mario Brothers 2.

Well, they didn’t say it was the greatest game of all time, just one of them, and worthy of being in a gaming Hall of Fame. That’s certainly not debateable, even if you throw away its status for starting a whole new genre, its still one of the deepest, most balanced competitive games of all time.

Hmmm…having said that, its only a matter of time before Super Mario Kart gets its spot on in the Hall, isn’t it? My friends and I STILL play that game in multiplayer all the time…you know that would make an interesting list, the best purely multiplayer-oriented games ever made. Though I wonder if it would have to be separated into online and offline multiplayer because the dynamic is so different?

Anyway, good list so far, though I too wonder about Lode Runner in a list with such heavyweight classic champions as Symphony of the Night (they should have a separate listing for this for the soundtrack alone :) ), Starcraft and Ocarina of Time.


If anyone is listening I’m going to nominate ‘Maniac Mansion’ for the NES, it was the first game I played that had multiple endings, it had one or two genuine laughs among the five hundred ‘cheesy chuckles’, and most of the puzzles worked perfectly without resorting to ‘such and such just magically happens’.
I’m also proud that I still own a copy with the hamster/microwave thing still intact.