Gamestop used game sale on again

Gamestop is once again running their buy two, get one free used game sale. Run now before the good stuff is gone!

This might only be a regional thing.

The guys at the local GameStop knew nothing about it.

It’s 100% YMMV. At all my local ones, the sale is NOT on.

Same for Dallas.

EDIT: not on, that is

Interesting, it must be a way they clear out some stock on a store or regional basis. Sorry about the false hope, then.

They had the sale for the longest time up here in the northwest. Not sure if it’s still around, but Gamestop and EB are dead to me anyways. They’ve crammed all PC games onto tiny ass shelves in the back… although EB did have that awesome stack of old, hard to find games… gotta check back there sometime.