GameStop will heroically remain open for business during the pandemic

Title GameStop will heroically remain open for business during the pandemic
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 19, 2020

It's a trying time for everyone. As COVID-19 races around the globe, and governments declare states of emergency, GameStop wants everyone to know that they'll be ready and willing to sell you a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons..

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Not all heroes wear capes.

Welp, I thought we were dumb, but with businesses and greed such as those, best of luck getting through this America.

Corporate greed and Spring Break are going to n ensure this pandemic gets a lot worse.

“Ok, Boomer.”

Am I doing it right?

I don’t know about you guys, but knowing I can pawn my old Xbox controller in these trying times comes as a real comfort.

Boomers, mostly.


So… spreading the blame equally! Or there are just idiots in every generation, and they’re doing a bang-up job risking everyone for very little in return.

This kind of fits, actually - the last few times I was in a GameStop (years ago at this point), it was so empty that it might as well have been a quarantine zone already.

Quoted for truth.

My manager went to Gamestop last week to buy a game because of the whole “gonna be stuck indoors for a while” and he told me that the employee there was clearly sick. He got the game, threw it in the trunk of his car, and didn’t touch it when he got home.

I told him to keep it there for a few days and then clean it with a disinfecting wipe.

Not enough GameStop jokes in this story. Like he tried to return it, but they would only give him $7 store credit because the disc had coronavirus on it.

As an aside, I’ve found it funny how we rant about certain group stereotyping, but others is fine.

Like ageism is now apparently perfectly acceptable, and it’s hilarious to wish death on old people because they apparently have too many assets or are greedy or something. Like literally all old people, they’re all the same.

I’ve recently wondered what it would be like to build some type of spiderbot thing (I have no idea how to do such things) that scours Twitter and replaces “Boomer” with an ethnic slur.

Were you wondering about the same thing when the Boomers were bitching non-stop about Millennials, or dismissing Gen X? This okay Boomer thing has been around for a hot minute. Boomers have been target Millenials for so long a good chunk of them don’t seem to realize the Spring Break kids aren’t even Millenials anymore.

Of course. I don’t think as many Boomers were openly wishing Millennials would die and “get out of the way,” but the same logic of course applies. Humorously enough, Millennials were constantly crying about how Boomers stereotyped them all together, made outrageous statements about their avocado toast, otherwise used sweeping characterizations of the entire group, etc. Basically, the same thing that Millennial are now (unironically, sadly) doing to Boomers.

Except the Okay Boomer thing is what, a year old… and Boomers have been ragging on Millennials for, easily, twenty years.

I don’t understand how the Boomers can reverse course like that after one young woman said it once with a hot mic. I mean it was instant as if they hadn’t been doing that themselves for … decades.

What in the actual fuck does how long something has been going on have to do with whether it is acceptable to stereotype a group (and wish death upon them)? Is it okay to be racist so long as you haven’t been racist for too long?

What’s your point here?

(I’m going to put aside the fact that I’ve heard young people bitching about “Boomers” for far longer than a year, as it is frankly irrelevant.)

You can’t bitch about the generation for twenty years and expect much response when you get a taste of it for like a minute and freak out. It’s beyond hypocritical; it’s ridiculous.

The Millenials are in their late 20s, 30s and turning 40. They are NOT the reason Gamestop is putting the lives of their employees at risk to sell used games. They’re not really the Spring Break group either.

This is one of those where I literally have no idea what you’re talking about or how it even relates to the point I’m raising (and beyond that, it being utterly bizarre that you are making up things like Boomers bitching about Millenials for “twenty years,” while apparently people have only been complaining about Boomers for six weeks), so I’m just going to not engage any further with you.

Okay B.

And probably not remember they’re doing it, apprently.

So that everyone feels better, I can tell you that both of you guys look equally insane!