GameStop will heroically remain open for business during the pandemic

I’ve got at least twenty or so more years to bitch about the generation behind me before I catch-up with any sensitive Boomer. Don’t worry though, I’ve got the cane resting against the house near the lawn so I can shake it accordingly.

I genuinely don’t think it is insane to question why there are some groups we’re allowed to make broad stereotypical judgments about and wish death upon (oh, the Coronavirus is the “Boomer Doomer,” god it’s hilarious that the elderly are going to die because they’re evil Boomers), while we’re not allowed to do that with others.

I’m frankly kind of tired of hearing people generalize the entire Boomer generation, and more importantly, wish death upon them. And yes, it’s happening very frequently, and had even before the Coronavirus.

Behind all of the hilarious talk about “thinning the herd,” and “These people finally dying and freeing up jobs” is actual people getting sick and dying.

And no, I’m not a Boomer, or even close. I just find it distasteful and gross, and am disturbed that no one seems to be noticing it for what it is.

We’re talking about Gamestop endangering their typically youthful employees to sell used games and controllers.

No one is wishing death on Boomers because Gamestop decided to remain open, but the men in charge of this company seem to be garbage people. They’re endangering the lives of their employees and gearing them up to defy laws so they can stay open just a little longer which is simply not okay.

Corporate greed was the problem here, and we’re seeing the danger of that across generations… but hey I am sure we can pretzel the executive’s at Gamestops greed to right all the wrongs of generational wars… somehow.

And sine you are so concerned about the death stuff, the Boomers might be on the more lethal end of things but the hospitalization needs and the lack of supply to help people… there is plenty of room for everyone there. no worries a twenty something that needs oxygen and can’t get it is just as likely to die. They’re just young and not thinking about it.

You know what I’m frankly kind of tired of? Manufactured outrage. Way to derail a perfectly good thread about how stupid Gamestop is.


There’s nothing manufactured about it. I didn’t make the Boomer post. If it had been a reference joke about gay people, should I just ignore it and stick to GameStop?

Discussions grow and develop. This is far from the first time in these forums a topic has digressed based on something unrelated someone posted.

If it should be a new post in P&R or something that’s fine, but there is a difference between claiming something is “manufactured outrage” and suggesting it is best served in another topic.

Kotaku also notes that GameStop will not pay its employees during the shutdown

Classy big entrepreneuring spirit!

No one cares. What’s dumb is that you read something on Twitter and decided to be outraged at people who “wish death upon entire generations”. There are no such people worth discussing. You might as well protest the war on Christmas.

But, yeah, if you’re going to derail a conversation with some contrived umbrage, I guess there are worse places than a thread about Gamestop being dumb.


Stating the obvious: GameStop knows they’re doomed in the next few years, so public opinion doesn’t matter much here. Might as well roll the dice and stay open.

I remember hearing about Gamestop being doomed back in the Jumping the Shark podcast days though, and that was almost 10 years ago already? Seems they just won’t die! (ha, going loop with Slyfrog’s concern!)

As I was typing that, I almost said they’d die in a few years, but then I realized they’ll continue on for a lot longer in a zombie state.

Maybe I was confusing them with Sears. (Is that a bad sign for GameStop?)


Sears limped along for years, mostly because they had assets they kept selling what seems like a corrupt executive group. Gamestop has the latter, but not the former so their zombiehood would be, in theory, pretty short.

Friend lined up today at two different GameStops in Edmonton that ended up not opening but didn’t have any sign on their door.

No, I’ve actually read it here. Repeatedly. And with the recent “Ok Boomer” joke in this literal thread, it seemed a reasonable enough time to bring it up as a side point. But keep telling me where I’ve read things and being dismissive. For someone who doesn’t care, you’re being very aggressive and condescending, rather than just letting it go.

Thanks for generating your own contrived umbrage and manufactured outrage, and unlike my trying to talk about a general topic, attacking me as an individual. Feels good to have someone say that about you, right?

The mayor of Toronto and Premier of Ontario were NOT amused by the long lines outside of EB Games/Gamestop for the release of Animal Crossing.

Wait, can’t you just download it? Why would people wait in line?

Read it, one of the guys “explains” it XD

Fine, I read it, at least up to the point of this:

Dennis Johnson said he was excited for “Animal Crossing,” as well as the launch of “Doom: Eternal.” Getting them in-store rather than downloading them online made it less likely the games would be damaged.

“The data could get corrupted in a download. This way, I know I’ve got the game. I’m going to be home for a while,” said Johnson.

People are stupid. Stupid people wait in line for games you can download during a pandemic (or really any time).

That’s amazing. It speaks volumes about the kinds of people who still buy their games at Gamestop.

No, you haven’t. No one here is actually wishing death upon entire generations. You’re just casting about for something to justify your usual disaffected grrr-angryposts. Just stop.


I had no idea this is what I am to you. I’m sorry.