Gametab domain not renewed?

Looks like 1Up didn’t renew Seems to have been hijacked by one of those domain-name squatters.

Oh well. I had been using the site as my main gaming news aggregator for years. Looks like I’ll have to find a new one, or configure igoogle with some tabs or something.

It’s working for me.

Me too. Maybe they blocked canada?

It looks like it’s back now.

According to the whois:

Created on..............: 2002-11-19.
Expires on..............: 2008-11-19.
Record last updated on..: 2008-03-31.

So obviously there was some problem today either with domain hijacking or maybe just pointing it to the wrong IP address, but it’s fixed now.


Works where I am.

From the maker of GameTab:



Working now for me, too. Though… looks like EvoTab is a much cleaner solution. Thanks, Matthew!

This just makes me wish Google would add a “Gaming” section to

I wish Evotab could display 2 columns instead of one.

Uh, it does. Which browser are you using?

IE6 at work. IE7, firefox and safari at home. its just one long strip

Whew, that scared me Gladguy. Would hate to see that happen.

It’s displaying as one column in all those browsers for you? I haven’t tested in IE6, but should definitely be two in IE7 and Firefox.

it’s two for me in firefox

The list of topics that shows on the GameTab forum is just ridiculous. I can’t believe Ziff is letting the site rot the way it is. Okay, perhaps a revamp is in the works, but they could at least have some admin purge the porn spam topics. Or shut the forums down until they fix GameTab.

As an ex-Ziffer, I’m appalled.

ok, here is the weird thing. If I have these browsers maximized, it shows 1 column. If I shrink the window to half my screen size, it now shows two columns. Goofy.

Strange… What resolution? Do you have any special setting(s) applied to your browsers? I thought maybe text size would cause that, but it remains two columns regardless for me (though it does get a bit funky at really big sizes).

Figures the site is getting some new attention on the most useless news day of the year. ;)

The forums seem porn spam free now.