Gametap on a roll

I’ve been pretty impressed with the titles being added to Gametap of late. They recently added a bunch of nice strategy titles (Age of Wonders series, Desciples series, Homeworld 1 & 2). Next week they are adding some of Black Isle stuff like BG2, IWD 1&2, and Torment. Since I don’t own BG2, I’m looking forward to giving it a go in the near future.

Nice. I’d love to have easy, upon-whim access to those Black Isle games.

Sadly, Gametap is still only available in the United States. Bah.

You’re fucking kidding? So what happens when Sam & Max is released, am I expected to pirate it? Cocklords.

I think you can order it from telltale’s website as well as from gametap.

It’s Gametap exclusive to start with, with the website coming afterwards.

Great! Panic over. Gametap are still cocklords.

I’ve been tempted to try Gametap, but I’ve heard that it’s a real pain in the ass to cancel. Is that true?

That is awesome.

Would someone mind sharing what the monthly fee is? I couldn’t find it listed on the site. Is the service actually worth it or is it too much overload to really take advantage of the variety of titles?

i tried and wasn’t into it. but cancelling was a breeze.

$9.95 a month.

Requires a phone call, cannot be cancelled online. Not as bad as cancelling AOL, more of a pain than cancelling that porn site you don’t surf anymore.

Is there a service that combines the benefits of Netflix and Gametap? I don’t think there are enough console games that interest me to make a subscription to Gametap worth it for more than a month or two, but if I could switch between games and movies, that might float my boat.

Anyone know of any service that offers both?


I have enrolled and cancelled twice. It DOES require a phone call, but as mentioned, they just need your screen name, last 4 digits of credit card, and a reason why and that’s it. No hard sell to keep you around at all, in fact, no sell to keep you around, hard or soft.

I love the service, but got sucked back into WoW so I couldn’t justifu paying for it at the moment.

Not that I know of, but Gametap has a pretty big selection of PC games too - relatively hardcore ones too (Homeworld, the Disciples series, stuff from the days o’ DOS).

Me, I’m currently using it to play through Ultima IV again.

Did they ever add the Saturn stuff they were talking about?

They’ve never got any Saturn stuff up, which is a pity, because I think they were planning it at one point - a little birdie told me that some of the pre-release descriptions included some sought-after Sega-published Saturn games.

They do have a few Dreamcast titles, but it’s the PC section which is probably growing the most and in the most interesting ways of recent - they just added a bunch of Strategy First-published games, including Uplink, Disciples, etc:

The amazing Last Express is up this week.

Can anybody comment on the play experience using Gametap? Were there any problems? Is it easy to use?