, reliable stats or no?

I’m trying to find a new non-Call of Duty shooter with good multiplayer. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the market for something like this, and I’m trying to figure before I buy something if there are plenty of servers around with full matches, or whether the shooter community has already moved onto something else and so the game servers would be sparsely populated.

One of the web sites that purports to keep track of different game servers (and how populated they are) is I have no idea how accurate their statistics are, and I’m trying to find another source of data to at least compare.

So, other than just purchasing a game and using the in-game browser, what would be a good way to figure out how many open servers of game X are out there and whether they are full or not?

Play TF2.

/end thread.

Good choice, you don’t even need to buy it.

But you will buy it. And by it I mean hats.

TF2, Bad Company 2. Not a lot more, shamefully.


Yeah, I’ve been playing TF2 and Call of Duty for, well, years now and am looking to move on toward something different.

I want to avoid buying something with reportedly “good” multiplayer and then find out that all the dedicated servers are empty. was one site that has some data, and I’ll check out

Anything else besides Bad Company 2 that I ought to be considering?

Crysis 2! Crysis 2! Then there’ll be two of us!