Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

So we put the chair together today. It was pretty straightforward with two people, super easy to adjust, and so comfy.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Well, it looks pretty good. Hope it holds up all right for you. About 220, right? The cost, I mean. ;)

It was actually $200 at Costco itself.

So is that Costco chair holding up all right? It’s on extra sale right now is why I ask.

So far so great. Loving it a lot. Handling multi-hour streams and what not just fantastic.

Sounds good. It’s at 170 right now, and sounds like it’ll do the trick.

I particularly like that the arm rests can fold up. This is perfect when using my HOTAS.

Yeah I saw this chair at Costco Sunday. It’s definitely different than the one i badmouthed upstream in this thread. Ignore that please.

Oh, they actually have these in the warehouses sometimes?
I’ll call my local one to see if they have any in inventory. Of course, if the box is huge maybe I’m better off ordering online since I drive a midsize sedan and not a Land Behemoth SUV.

It’s a pretty big box, but yeah, I got mine in-store. Their last one too.

Ah, but what vehicle did you use? Or do they have delivery options for stuff bought in store if it’s big?

We used my wife’s 2014 Mazda3, it fit fine in the back seat.

Got this a year ago. Still working well:

Oooh, a Mazda 3. I love the look of those. Well, if it fits in that, it should fit in an M-B C300* sedan if I fold the rear seats down.

  • I hasten to add that I lease this due to a great deal through my company, a Daimler subsidiary. They’re wonderful cars to drive but I wouldn’t ever want to own one unless I had double or triple my current income. Any little thing goes wrong with them out of warranty and it’s 1000 bucks minimum, unless you’re just replacing a tire or something (and those things aren’t cheap either, I know from experience).

Anybody use a Steelcase Gesture? The big second hand office furniture site here has got a really good deal on them at the moment, but it’s just the base model without a headrest. I really liked the Gesture in the Steelcase showroom, but I’m worried that I’ll regret not having a headrest long-term.

I don’t have a headrest on mine, but then, I don’t lean back in it. It’s a great chair, and I’m glad I have it for when I don’t want to stand for some reason, though that’s what I usually am doing these days.

Update: I ordered that same chair Brian got* and it was delivered today. Got it put together tonight, which required a bit of exertion doing it alone. While it’s nothing that’s going to last 20-some years like a near-new name brand $1000 plus office chair, it might last 5 with good treatment, provided the pneumatic spring holds up. It feels sturdy enough for my 190+ pounds on a 5’10" frame. Not sitting in it currently because I didn’t want to wrangle it up the stairs after my current house guest went to bed, but will tomorrow.

*saw it was on sale in the Costco circular for 170, delivered.

I bought a Steelcase Leap chair a while back. I kind of regret it since it has no headrest, does not have a lot of padding, is made out of an itchy material, and costed ~$400.


On the plus side, it still seems pretty sturdy after however many years, and I am very heavy.

I have a slightly different question but it’s related. I need a gaming loveseat.

I have a study and a mesh office chair for it, which is fine. But the study has a big screen TV and Xbox in it too, and normally I scoot out the desk chair and just use it to game. But I want something I can spread out in and maybe have my eldest join me occasionally for some co-op action. The style of the room is all black wood furniture, so I’m thinking black might too much for the room. Other than that I’m completely open.

What’s the best gaming couch (two person)?