Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

Recliner can be awesome if you frakenchair it and you’re handy at building. Putting a keyboard platform and mouse platform on the arms + recliner with footrest is gaming heaven. I had this at one point, was awesome, but it’s certainly a slight project.

I used to sit on a slim wooden rocking chair while using my desktop PC. It was very nice, but eventually I broke it. I’ve gained a lot of weight, and try not to sit on any antique chairs anymore.

For a moment I thought you meant:

I picked up an Icon from Nobel chairs which got great reviews. Build quality is premium. Ergonomics are rock solid. And I’ve mostly thrown them out the window. Rock solid describes the seat firmness, so I use a chair pillow. I recline it almost 100% of the time with my feet up on my desk.

Nice to know that when the back problems start I have a chair I can use properly. Until then, I kinda wish I went with the cushy recliner.

My car seat still is the comfiest way I ever computed.

I just got a Secretlabs Omega this past month to replace my last chair. Liking it so far.

I showed my wife the new Batman Titan yesterday and she hit me. Secretlabs ads show up on my newsfeeds a lot. I am enticed, but the price

I am currently using a Steelcase Leap I picked up from a used furniture dealer for $300. I like it okay enough, after I dropped an Obusform cushion on the seat.

I’d been debating getting a used Herman Miller, they are still in the $500 range. I work from home, so I’m willing to spend a bit more than I probably would otherwise. The chair before this was a dxracer, which worked well enough, but was starting to fall apart.

I have one and I don’t like it at all because it doesn’t elevate high enough to work with my adjustable desk when it is in its lowest state. I recommend you look closely at max elevation of the seat and compare that with where you need to be for your desk before buying a Herman Miller chair.

I just ordered this Fully chair because the price was right and I have a Fully adjustable desk, so I thought they might work well together. It arrives next week.

That was one of my issues with the dxracer, it didn’t get quite high enough for my arms to be level with the desktop. The Secretlabs chair is much better in that regard. The chair itself has better elevation, and the arm rests have a better adjustment range as well.

Well, I just gave in and ordered a Secretlabs Titan XL. Going to be a couple months before it arrives, but it’s looking more and more like my home office arrangements will need to extend well into the future.

They actually shipped mine a couple weeks earlier than expected. It probably will depend on how much they continue to get impacted by the pandemic.

That looks pretty sweet. Leather or fabric? Total shipped price?

Went with fabric since it seems to review better. Shipping was free.

I got a SecretLabs Omega (blue/black fabric version) a couple weeks ago. Best packaging and instructions i have ever received for a self-assemble product. less than 30 minutes to put together by myself with no problems. Rock solid build and 5 year warranty. The seat padding feels a bit stiff but i likely just need to allow some time for my body or the seat to adjust. Overall i’m very happy with it.

I got mine a few weeks ago and I have no regrets. I went through 2 gaming chairs and they both aggravated my back/sciatica within five or six months. My last was a Downix, and it started to literally fall apart. All the screws holding in the back came loose, and one was about to fall out.

I got it put back together and then went ahead and ordered a Herman Miller Aeron Classic. I got a great deal on a refurbished one. With the exception of a few scuffs and scratches, it is in excellent shape. My back has greatly appreciated the new chair. I also have a standing desk and the chair is plenty high when I’m seated. I’ve wanted one for a long time and since I work from home every day of the week I’m frequently sitting at my PC for 8 to 10 hours a day, so I feel like the chair price was justified.

If I’d waited a few more weeks I would have known work is giving us some money this summer to help with things like that, and I probably would have went ahead and bought the aeron. I will be when the secret lab omega reaches the end of its life. I’ve been working from home for almost 8 years now so it is worth spending the money. I wish companies would handle things like that for remote workers, but I can also see the hassle that would be involved.

What standing desk do you have? I’ve been on the fence about getting one. I have some thing I bought at IKEA in 2004 that I still use.

Did you order online or local? Did you sit in it first or just go in blind? I’m thinking about getting one myself but the good refurbished furniture place near me seems to have closed so I might need to order sight unseen and from a national distributor.

My 10+ year old Herman Miller Embody chair is still the tits.

The Ikea 63" Skarsta desk. I had the smaller desktop for almost a year but it was too small for all of my crap plus I have a 35" ultrawide and a smaller 25" next to it. It’s been a good desk, but why do they make them so the default lowest size is so small? I’m only 5’ 8" so I was happy the Aeron wasn’t too low.

I took a chance since Amazon has such a good return policy. It came from a 3rd party vendor, but carries the Amazon prime guarantees. I figured that since this is one of the most popular office chairs in the world and has been since the 90s it would be a decent chair and it was. I never had this nice of a chair after spending over 20 years in IT at various Seattle companies.