Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

Yeah, no go for me. Both because tax returns aren’t in yet and because I’m 30lbs too fat for the biggest model on sale currently ;-)

Well, after much hemming and a not-insignificant amount of hawing, i pulled the trigger on the Autonomous Ergochair 2. Deciding factor was the wait time: H-M is on a 4-week wait and HumanScale is on a 2-week wait. I was leaning to the Embody, but between the wait time and the CAD$1000 uplift, the ErgoChair will have to do.

Kind of in love with the headrest on that. You’ll have to let us know how it does for you!

That looks impressive for a $400 chair. Please let us know how it is after you get it!

I went cheap, but am happy…

I am big. And tall. My wife bought it for me for my birthday in March, just as the pandemic started. I know it’s not a snazzy gaming chair but damn it’s comfortable. I’ve fallen asleep in it while watching movies.

I usually sit leaning back with my legs propped up on the desk with the keyboard on my lap, even when working and not gaming, and it has suited me fine.

You ask, I deliver.

First, a mention about a “Grand Lottery Draw” promotion run on the Autonomous website. With my purchase, I got some tickets with which I could check online to see if I won anything. The contest opened at 10:00 PST today, and the claim window was 30 minutes. You can certainly guess how that went. We’re almost in 2021; you’d think marketers would anticipate a crushing wave on their servers and at least temporarily increase their bandwidth. Or scrap the stupid timed promos.

The ErgoChair 2 arrived this afternoon, about 48 hours after ordering. I don’t even get Amazon Prime deliveries that quickly. The box was almost 70 lbs, so I had to help the UPS guy carry it to my house. Luckily, the back pain which spurred this purchase had let up today, so I could do that.

The product was very well packaged. Lots of padding, and while the box was heavy, it was smaller than I expected. Good job on that, and (from my experience importing goods) I suspect that’s one of the reasons why this chair is so reasonably priced.

The assembly manual was misprinted. Only every second page. How the hell does that happen, and how do you not put a PDF on your website? I had to watch a YouTube video for assembly instruction. Assembly was relatively simple – pretty much as with every other chair ever – though the arm rests weren’t labeled L/R, so I had to remove and replace them when I was done because I had a 50:50 shot to get it right and I missed. One nice note is the hex wrench they include. Not a crappy allen key, but a nice T-driver. Made it much easier on the hands to tighten the bolts.

I had to watch another YouTube video to figure out all the levers, but I’m now sitting on a very comfy, supportive desk chair. My back feels great. I don’t know how long the cushion will hold up under my generous girth, but if I get two years out of it, I won’t complain, and it does have a 2-year warranty.

All in all, on Day 0 I’m happy with the experience.

I bit on the Ergonomic 2 black friday deal. $309 shipped and they knocked off $2 more for playing their flappy bird clone. I really wanted a Secret Lab Titan XL but those are backordered until February and not on the SL black friday deals.

Narrator: they did not.

I’m very intrigued by the Autonomous Kinn, it’s on my wishlist for when I move next year and setup and new home office.

My Steelcase Gesture came Wednesday, was able to unpack it today. Came fully assembled, just had to make all the adjustments for me. No manual, but it is on the Steelcase site. Was fun to realize when I set it up for my height I am sitting to high for my desk. It’s not like sitting in a new recliner, you don’t immediately feel like this is better. When I sat in my old chair after a half hour I would walk funny when I got up, so this is much better.

This is really interesting… the mandatory lumbar support is calling my name

It seems no one has yet hit it out of the park for gaming chairs? Each one has some kind of flaw"

Lack of good cushioning kills it for me. I’m not going to pay more than $100 for a chair only to find out the padding isn’t enough to not make sitting on it painful after extended periods. I can already do that with my current $60 chair. The pain, it is delicious.

Well, my folks and I decided not to do Christmas at their place, so they’re just sending over Xmas money for us to buy our own stuff. . . and now a SecretLab Titan XL in plain black SoftWeave Fabric is in my shopping cart. [insert series of scream emojis]

Sorry to hear about the cancelled plans. Hopefully your new chair to come will make you more spry for the next gathering you get to have with them!

Yeah. Mom’s a fitness instructor in a state with no lockdowns whatsoever and a bunch of maskless patrons she has to interact with daily. She didn’t feel safe having us over with how badly rates are spiking nationwide. I can tell she’s super disappointed about it, but yeah, we’ll hang out next summer or whenever vaccines are a thing again.

That sounds like a very stressful job this year…


Ok, just reporting back that putting a couch cushion on my regular cheap office chair as a solution is eventually really painful on my back. Oh my god, my back hurts so bad today. Sooooooooo much pain.