Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

Canadian deal for Herman Miller Embody:

$1920-845 = $1075

I watched this Gamers Nexus “don’t buy a gaming chair” roundup the other day. Here’s the Reddit thread.

Awesome thanks for that.

You all want to laugh at me? Things got worse cause I want to flight sim better. My current setup cause I’m using speaker stands to hold my throttle/stick (the stands are too tall). I’m literally a tiny little kid in a big chair:

Is the tiny fan used to simulate the air flow , when you are in an open cockpit plane?

LOL this is one hell of a setup!

Still better content than 95% of /r/battlestations

(I might be jealous of all the dudes with sick setups and being mean to them unnecessarily, but that is delightful, Jeff. Don’t fall!)

Hahahaha! No, it actually helps me breathe a bit better by keeping fresher air crossing my face. A lot of CF’ers do this for sleeping as well. When you struggle with low O2 all the time every little bit helps. But now I want to try and fly with my cockpit canopy open and turn it on full blast for more immersion lol.

Man, what do Korean CF folks do?

Right, because of that goofy belief some Koreans have about having a fan going in a room while you sleep (spoiler: it’s FATAL).

I had no idea this belief was a thing. That’s kind of… sad.

Fan to the face also helps us normies against VR sickness. I also have a fan on my pit.

You do some extensive VR stuff if even antiperspirant isn’t enough!

After getting my leap, and sitting in a couple of more “gaming chairs”, I’m falling on the side of gaming chairs are bullshit designed by 20 something youtube stoners, with no formal training in anything even remotely approaching ergonomics.

For the price you pay for some of these gaming chairs, you can get chairs that were designed by people that didn’t wear a paper hat to the their job up until 2019.

More prototype at CES bullshit that will never see the light of day:

That’s just… weird, also I don’t know how a screen would curve naturally like that.

So I got offered one of these to review:

I’ll let y’all know how it works out!

I wonder what kind of science we can do to determine if it’s made on exactly the same factory floor as the SecretLabs Titan XL I theoretically have coming my way sometime this month. . .

I’m curious how something like that works (or doesn’t) for VR. I’m finding the headrest on my chair is causing me a lot of issues since I can’t turn my head to the side and back without the resistance from the chair. A challenge looking down in an F18 for buttons and switches on the side of the cockpit.

I agree, looks like a lot of parts from the Titan XL. Must be the same factory in China.

@BrianRubin I see the specs for that chair mention 550 pounds, I request that you bulk up a bit before testing. :P

Finally, a chair for American gamers…