Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

That looks very comfortable. But I’d get hot in it - I can only use mesh style backs (and, preferably, bottoms).

Mercifully, despite being a very fat dude, I don’t tend to get super hot in chairs, though, yeah, mesh is nice. Jury’s still out, but whatever I am doing with my left arm is making it go numb, so I need to figure out how this chair arm is positioned differently than the old one and fix it. Luckily, the arms are super adjustable, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Arm numbness may be more from doing something foolish while assembling the chair, because even with a 12-hour break from the chair and a good restful sleep in there, the numbness/tingling is continuing unabated and stretching my arm in certain ways makes it go nuts. Almost sciatica-esque, except that’s always down in my legs, and the tingles are always accompanied by pain. But in any case, feels like I pinched a nerve in my elbow or something, ugh.

Back is more or less happy, though, which is what I hoped for. Longer-term reviews forthcoming to see how badly I wasted $500/how well I invested in my longterm health :)

Glad to hear the chair is good so far, sorry to hear about your arm pain.


re: Autonomous

I’ve used one for two months at this point. Solid comfortable chair. Wasn’t hard to put together and it was what I considered a very competitive price for what it is.

And I’ve used steelcase and herman miller a lot at work (back in a bygone age when I went into the office) for comparison purposes.

Thanks for sharing that feedback! This is still definitely my top choice for a chair when I move, along with the Autonomous sit/stand desk.

Are you talking about the Ergo 2? If so , how wide is the seat, the site doesn’t seem to specify.

Yep, it’s the Ergo 2. Just measured the width, the cushion is 20x20.

Here’s a shot of it:

Ah thanks, its hard to find a seat that is 21" or more wide. As my thighs are like 2 giant christmas hams and usually trapped between the armrests on most chairs.

Brian, did your product influencer chair arrive yet? :P

Nope, I’ll let y’all know when it does.

I did a lot of research a few years ago and ended up getting a Steelcase Leap. It was quite expensive. Still the best chair purchase I’ve ever made. Specs are below. Now the bad news is the price is hundreds higher now than it was a couple years ago!

Upholstery Material
Upholstery Color
Buzz2 - Black (5F17)
Frame and Base Color
Black (6205)
4-Way Adjustable Arms (height, width, pivot and depth)
No Headrest
Wheels for Carpet

Like I said years ago in this thread, a good desk chair is worth the money. Cheap Staples crap disintegrates after a year, and is uncomfortable the whole time. Quality task chairs last decades. I’m sitting in an Aeron I bought in 1997 right this very minute.

I will say that the leaps ability to adjust the recline on the fly, with no controls, and then be able to just stay where you want it, is kind of magic. It’s especially awesome because you can change positions all the time without ever fiddling with anything, and it really removes that ‘stuck in one position for too long’ problem that most chairs have.

Chair arrived today. Not sure Lizzie will let me open it though.

If you tell her she can sit in it, she’ll probably acquiesce. Or give her the box.

My new chair arrived. I replaced a racing style gaming chair with an ergo style office chair. So far I like it, a lot.

The biggest improvement is the seat and my hips. The racing chair had contours on the side of the bucket seat, and the seat bottom was either flat or tilted slightly back - like a car seat.

The ergo office seat is flat on the bottom, and can tilt down so my knees are slightly lower than my hips. It took a little getting used to but it’s now more comfortable for long sessions.

I went with an Ergo Human Luxury Leather / Mesh combo. The next step down, the Elite, would also be fine.

This video really helped me understand how to sit in my chair:

I am still using my 8 year old Ikea Markus office chair. It is just starting to wear so I will replace it with the same.

So the chair is here and after some snafus with a bolt that did not wanna go in, I got it assembled. It’s a beast of a thing compared to the Lazboy chair I’d been using.

I tried it with the two included pillows but they came off after an hour. Will chime in as I use it more.