Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

I’ve dealt with sciatica and other nerve issues for years due to my weight and poor posture, so unfortunately, certain sitting positions really aggravate different parts of my body. The best days are the ones when I inflame several nerves at once and end up feeling shooting, burning pain up and down 3-4 limbs for hours afterward.

The best.

I had this chair. Do yourself a favor and put some lock tight stuff on the main bolts. Mine fell apart on me twice when the bolts that hold the back to the base of the chair slid all the way out.

Wait what’s lock tight? Also why do you no longer have the chair?

It helps lock screws in so they don’t slip out. Personally, I’m done with gaming chairs because I have sciatica. I sucked it up and bought a Herman Miller Aeron last year.

Ohh okay. I’m sorry to hear about your sciatica, I know nothing about it so I hope there’s treatment. If the bolts do start slipping out I’ll try that stuff. Thank you.

Horrid back pain. It feels like getting stabbed in the lower side of your back, and then the pain runs down the side of your leg to your knee. Last year I had to have emergency surgery and woke up with 2 chest tubes, and a 10" incision in my side and it was painful. I once had a sciatica attack so bad it made that feel like a freaking picnic–just as an analogy.

A lot of my back pain is self inflicted. I’m a writer but I was in IT for 2 decades before, so I’ve been sitting on my ass for 8 to 10 hours a day for years.

I LOVE the idea and look of gaming chairs, they just didn’t work out for me.

Oh god that sounds terrible. How can you treat it? Does exercise help?

Is gaming in an office chair like that nice?

You want the BLUE, not the Red:

Loctite is a threadlocker that helps things that are screwed in stay screwed in. Mechanics use it all the time, and it’s very useful. Blue Loctite will keep your bolt in place, but you can still remove it if necessary. Red Loctite requires much straining and grunting to remove, typically with power tools and many words of the four letter variety. A small tube is just $6 and since you only use a single drop on each bolt one tube will essentially last for the rest of your life. Or until you lose the tube, whichever comes first.

Stretching and excercise are great. I went through a couple of rounds of physical therapy and they were a lot of help. I picked up mountain biking last year and biked over a thousand miles.

Linus just did a video on what he calls God-tier chair. I need one ASAP.

I would take one if it was free. :)

There is zero change I would pay almost 8k for that and then what another 1k+ for a good monitor.

I can see how that kind of set-up might evolve over the years though and get better.

I have used a Herman Miller Embody for the last 10+ years and see no special requires for gaming that a chair would need.

Agreed. The Aeron has been great for my back and posture. I can write, surf, or game for hours without any issue.

PC gamer seems to really like the Titan / XL , that @ArmandoPenblade got.

I have a Steelcase Leap v2 arriving tomorrow, looking forward to trying it out. My current chair is okay, but I’d love to do better.

It is imminent.

It’s a bit of a drive, but apparently they have multiple used stock of the v2 in different colors and leather/fabric. So it looks like I’ll be driving there tomorrow to test out options and hopefully leave with a winner.

And done. Used Leap v2 in navy leather and in great condition for $250.

Worth the 3 hour round trip, feels great.

I have had my Leap v2 since Friday, and I’m pretty impressed. Haven’t messed around with all the settings much yet, but certainly comfortable.