Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

You vastly overestimate my ability to order my hands!

That’s unlikely for me to say about you, but that’s just adorable.

I hadn’t seen that before, good stuff, and probably pretty true to life. :)

I bit the bullet last night an ordered a Herman Miller Aeron. Did use the 6 month 0% financing to ease the pain.

My father had one when I was a kid (still does in-fact, thing is nearly as good as when he bought it) and I loved the mesh.

I’ve been using a $60 IKEA chair for the last 5 years. It hasn’t been horrible, but I realized that I sit at my desk for 10 hours of work a day, and still PC game in my free time, so maybe it was time to just get something that would help me and hopefully last forever.

Really hard to stomach the cost, but it comes Friday and I’m excited.

The Ikea Millberget chair is a superb chair and at $69 it is ridiculously affordable, which is probably why it’s sold out often.

Excellent choice! Aerons last forever.

Friends don’t let friends buy gaming chairs.

For #500 I present my new anti-gaming chair.

That chair looks like it would lead to more naps than gaming.


Forget the chair, you need a bigger mantelpiece! That’s an impressive collection…

If I were hazarding a guess, I’d say that’s probably why he described it as an anti-gaming chair.

Scholars will debate the matter in the centuries to come. Did Kadath mean anti gaming chair, or anti gaming chair.

Yes :)

Yeah, my pop collection has now outgrown display space. I don’t even buy many mysel, most are gifts from family and a significant chunk are from Reddit Secret Santa exchanges at

You take them out of the box?! My kids taught me to leave them in. Not a clue why, I just followed suit.

It’s mixed. If I really like something I don’t care about it’s long term value. Some just sit in the box better tho.

Aeron came in today, and within 5 minutes I now realize how bad my old chair was for my posture. I knew it wasn’t good, but I didn’t realize how much I was leaning forward in the seat or leaning side-to-side due to immovable armrests.

Having something adjusted to fit my posture and my desk setup is remarkable. I feel stupid for not investing in this years ago.

I picked up a refurb steel case leap v2 from Crandall office furniture, since I was able to expense it to my company as a WFH supply. Replaced an old falling apart no name chair from Staples or Office Depot or something.

It’s been a couple weeks, and it seems pretty nice. I’m honestly not sure how much I care about the 4d armrests, but even having height adjustment is a significant improvement over my old chair. I do really like the adjustable lean, and the way the chair kind of shifts while leaning back instead of just tilting.

The refurb seems fine. All the fabric was replaced, as was the seat cushion. There was a little bit of broken plastic on the seat bottom, but not in a place that matters at all. Overall, I’m liking it a lot, but Im glad I didn’t have to pay for it.

After an insanely obnoxious series of phone calls, transfers, and emails to nowhere, I managed to talk to someone ostensibly in the Amazon Basics Warranty department who offered to let me do an exchange-return, as an exception, since I was more than 30 days out from my order. I pointed out that the item had a 1-year warranty. She read that and agreed that it did. And then again emphasized that they were being very nice letting me do an exchange outside of the 30-day window. I was tempted to understand if she understood the meaning of “1 year warranty,” but decided not to push my luck.

New one arrived yesterday and is setup. If it fails, I’ll get a refund and put it towards half the cost of the fuckin’ Floortex name brand model.

The warranty probably covers damage in a gravity-free environment only. They are being nice, really!