Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?


I’ve got an Embody at work. It is amazing and I really kinda wanna steal it. . .


That is an excellent deal, the Leap is a very very good chair.


Anyone heard of this Uplift company?

Or autonomous?


Company I work for sells fancy chairs, and I have an Allsteel Acuity. Really comfortable and excellent support. I see open box sales on ebay for $400, which is an awesome deal.


My freedom chair has rounded armrests like that first chair does. They suck and I will never buy a chair with arms like that again.


Freedom chair? When you sit down on it, does it make this sound?

I recently picked up a used Steelcase v.1 for $275 from a local store that had a huge selection of new and used office furniture. I tried several chairs including the Herman Miller Aeron, but that thing felt far too rigid and had fewer comfort adjustment options than the Steelcase. The mesh seat on the HMA would be nice on those swamp ass days though.

Interestingly I didn’t find the Steelcase v2 to be an improvement over version 1. Version 2 had a different lumbar support adjustment but it didn’t feel like an improvement over v1 and it was more expensive to boot. My Steelcase is the most comfortable office chair I’ve had for home use and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a joy to sit in and most importantly I noticed an improvement in my posture because I never feel the urge to slouch in it like I used to with previous shitty chairs. I will never go back to generic chairs from Staples or Office Depot again.

2 shit bonerz up for the Steelcase.


I have an uplift desk, so they are legit. Can’t comment on anything else they have.


I’ve always been an Aeron guy almost by default. Have thought about an Embody, but am more curious about the Steelcase Leap/Gesture but they are basically not available in Canada except at about 3x the cost they are in the US (aside from exchange rate issues) - just not paying $2500 for a chair.

Can confirm that the wirecutter discount pick - the IKEA Markus - is actually an excellent chair. I picked up one as an extra office chair for visitors and sometimes I’m tempted to use it instead of my $1200 Aeron professional. Great buy at a couple hundred bucks.


So as OP I should post an update. Snagged two old Steelcases from a corporate shutdown. They aren’t super comfy for my heavy frame but the price was right. Dream chair deferred.


you can buy anyone

sounds legit!


I got a Steelcase adjustable task chair with armrests over twenty years ago through a hookup an ex-GF had back then (she was working in Interior Design). The thing is still my “daily driver” and IMHO the only things it needs are new padding under the upholstery and a new pneumatic spring (sometimes it starts to lose height). I wonder if I’d be better off getting it reconditioned if getting the new shiny is gonna cost a grand-- back in the day ('95) I got this one lightly used for a mere 125 or something.


Several years ago, I bought an ‘executive chair’ from a local dealer for these folks:

They’re made to order and customized to your dimensions and preferences. They cost way too much. But mine has helped quite a lot with my back/ neck issues, as it’s both comfortable and reinforces proper posture. I’m happy with it.


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Why not both?


This link now has a “HON” chair as its budget pick, not Ikea. Do you remember what the Ikea chair was called?

Edit: Oh nevermind, in the details for the HON exposure they mention the other choice, which was the Ikea Markus. They say the seat cushion on the Ikea Markus is poor in comparison. And the HON Exposure is cheaper than the Markus too!


HON’s a good company. I’ve worked with them. That chair will have been made in the US, too :)


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