Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?


Yeah my Leap V2 leans back tons, not sure if he didn’t figure out the controls? Any more and I’d be lying down…



Chairs are pretty personal, I don’t really like the aeron but it’s miles more comfortable than most $300 executive faux leather chairs from Office Depot. What matches one person might not match someone else, so I highly recommend checking out the chairs in person.

I ended up liking the humanscale freedom. It auto adjusts to how you are sitting for most things which works great for me but drives some up the wall. Definitely don’t order it without sitting in it first. The only thing I dislike is the head rest. I like it to rest under the back of my neck and it insists on popping up to the back of my head unless I push it down - which can be done with a quick head motion easily enough.



Sad to hear that the new Steelcase Leaps don’t have back height adjustment. This old 1990s model that I have does, and it’s perfect for getting that lumbar support in just the right place, not too high, not too low. I can sit in this thing for hours as a result (not recommended for one’s circulatory system however).

Mine seems to be an earlier incarnation of the “Criterion” design, with armrest height, seat height/tilt, and back height adjustment only. Don’t know what the rated capacity is-- I’m about 190 these days (160 when I was 30 + 30 lb of middle aged spread, of which VERY charitably 5 is more muscle mass–I was pretty skinny then).



They might have a lumbar height adjustment, though



The Leap V2 does have adjustable lumbar support. I removed mine though, as it was uncomfortable regardless of where I positioned it.



Yeah, I just found the switch/lever for this. Still not as comfy as the mesh chairs we have at work, though. When you lean back in those, the seat tilts back too. On the Leap only the back tilts.



Who all here has bought from that Madison Seating place? I can’t find a good pneumatic spring replacement for my old Steelcase chair (with production date of 1992!) and when I called an official Steelcase place in Portland they never returned my call because I wasn’t ordering repairs of mass quantities of chairs, so I apparently wasn’t worth their time. Thus I have to spring for a new(er) chair.



So I finally got my Vitrazza 48x42 floor mat. It was partly a Christmas gift from my parents waiting for me to have spare cash to pay the rest of the way, and I waited since then to get it. I wish I hadn’t. It is FANTASTIC. I slide on this thing like a happy hockey puck. No idea how well it will hold up long term but even if it gets riddled with scratches I bet it handles better and longer than a plastic pad. Thumbs up.



I did. Don’t really know much about them though. They forgot to send me the special wheels for hard wood floors, and ended up refunding me money.

This is a good idea. It would help protect my hard wood floors too.



I use one of these and am very happy. I am on the heavy side and so far this is the best chair I have ever owned. Super comfy and supporting. No more back pain from long sessions. Very adjustable. It’s also relatively affordable. I have one since about 4 years now and it shows no signs of wear and tear.



In case it saves someone a click, sadly they don’t ship outside of non-EU countries.



Interesting. I am looking to replace my current floor mat because it’s disintegrating. But one large sheet of glass sounds like a logistics nightmare. How do they ship it or did you buy it locally?

Also not sure it would work for me, because i have the front ends of my desk resting on the mat. If it was an unyielding surface then I think the front end would be noticeably higher than the back end.



They do have retailers in the US I believe. I learned about them from a US twitch streamer.



When they forgot to send you the special casters for hardwood floors, did you have the option of getting them sent to you with no extra shipping charge? It was their screwup after all (I’m going to need those casters myself is why I ask).



No. They simply refunded me the money without asking.



Well, that bites. I know the chairs are a good deal but customer service is important, too.



It came super securely packed flat. Imagine 2 posters side by side. It’s a heavy slab that supports 1000 pounds



I realize everyone in this thread enjoys their $400+ chairs. I’m a cheapass, however - my last chair was a $140 gaming chair from Best Buy that lasted from 2004 until 2 months ago. My new chair is actually an office chair. Good price, and so far it has been great - the parts that I need to be adjustable are, nice wide seat, etc.

Link below. It actually looks better in-house than in-store/on web (I was actually a little concerned about how it looked at the store among more ‘normal’ looking chairs).



I would go cheap if I was normal weight. As a big guy that is not possible.



I went cheap when I was younger and couldn’t afford otherwise. Now that I’m older and a tad more financially stable, I have more experience with a range of chairs and highly recommend against cheap if you don’t have to, even if you’re thin, athletic, and young.

Spend more than you would like on your bed and computer/gaming chairs and the difference on your body will be something you thank yourself for down the road. Invest in yourself like you would your hobbies or other interests, you’re worth it!