Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

Same thing, it doesn’t support the head straight ahead, but you can lean back and snooze on it quite well.

Snoozing isn’t my issue. If I’m watching TV in it gravity is pulling my head back constantly with no backstop. It’s exhausting.

Ahh, I really don’t have that problem. There is no head support, but my neck is supported and my head doesn’t flop back. Maybe the reproduction is actually different.

Maybe Kadath is a towering behemoth of a man whose great swollen head far outsizes your pitiable, childlike dome, stusser.

As I said I’m only 5’10" I never expected this to be the issue…


lol. Ok then

Does your gaming chair have a scabbard?

Only when my wife uses it.

Red Loctite will soften with enough heat, which is about 550F. Unfortunately, using a propane torch to heat a screw that high will be bad for most gaming and office chairs.

Turns out getting a properly designed desk has done wonders for my issues with the Titan XL. Thank fuck.

Though it turns out the super heavy-duty 5mm polycarbonate floor mat I bought that claimed its substantial weight was enough to hold it in place even though it doesn’t have grippy teeth, even on thick carpet, does not, in fact, stay perfectly still on thick carpet, if said carpet hasn’t been ground down by years of a 300lb dude rolling around on top of it in a computer chair. Moved everything to the guest room we’ve finally had some success in clearing out, and this fuckin’ carpet mad is sliding around like it’s goddamn Tokyo drift up in here. Ugh.

Always with the little teeth if carpet. They make this sort of rug tape stuff that holds rugs in place that I think is sort of sticky on both sides that you may want to look into.

I’ve got a big roll of that squooshy faux rubber lattice mat material people line their shelves with that I think is about as wide as the chair mat. Might try some of that.

Still, two months in, this mat hasn’t warped at all, which is encouraging. Me + the titan xl has gotta top 400lbs

Huh, I also wonder if that would work. I could see it working fine or getting all rolled up underneath the mat doing nothing.

Glad to hear the chair ended up working out for you! :)

As a big guy it’s glass or nothing. Vitrazza is great but super expensive. These on Amazon are a 1/3rd the price and just as good.

On reddit I saw some people recommend grabbing a box of laminate flooring, assemble it into a rough square shape (requires some easy cutting with a chop saw) and use that as a chair mat. That’s what I’m going to try next time I need one.

Actually I think they’re doing it without any cutting, which I guess would work fine, I guess the short edges don’t really add any strength.

I definitely have an enormous, unsupported head at least…

They are still slow rolling my return. Once approved I’m getting a LaZBoy Randell unless anyone has a better recliner suggestion for heavy dudes…

That’s clever but I think a $90 glass mat looks better and has no assembly

I did consider 'em, but I was genuinely freaked out by the (very narrow) possibility of cracking/breaking, since, you know, GLASS, and they seem like they’d be really heavy. Not like the mat I’m on now was much cheaper, though.