Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?


Several years ago, I bought an ‘executive chair’ from a local dealer for these folks:

They’re made to order and customized to your dimensions and preferences. They cost way too much. But mine has helped quite a lot with my back/ neck issues, as it’s both comfortable and reinforces proper posture. I’m happy with it.


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Why not both?


This link now has a “HON” chair as its budget pick, not Ikea. Do you remember what the Ikea chair was called?

Edit: Oh nevermind, in the details for the HON exposure they mention the other choice, which was the Ikea Markus. They say the seat cushion on the Ikea Markus is poor in comparison. And the HON Exposure is cheaper than the Markus too!


HON’s a good company. I’ve worked with them. That chair will have been made in the US, too :)


How about this:


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I can recommend both the high end desk chair option and one “gaming” chair (with caveats). Both user tested.

I got a high end desk chair several years back, it is a Very model from:

I do have back, and other skeletal problems. For me, absolutely worth the price. I am also very short. It was one of the few adjustable into my range. They do adjust for bigger though, as my husband also got one (5’1" vs 6’) and we were both happy with how it adjusted for us.

For the “gaming” chair, with the caveat. My son, just got this:

He only recommends the Titan one, the others aren’t as supportive. Also he only recommends it if you are in the sweet spot for the suggested size. It is cheaper, lacking the adjustability for size. Looks like a modified car seat really. At 6’2" and weight in the 180s, it fits him well. But with the lack of adjustability, it may not if you are not close in build. He loves the recline feature with an ottoman for the feet. If you are the right size and want a chair/recliner mix, he also recommends it for that.


For the big and tall among us, Living XL has a 40% off sale on chairs today which I was able to combine with the coupon code “CYTO” for an additional discount. I snagged a $400 chair for $201 shipped.


Recently picked this up for console gaming, so that I could be a few feet closer to my TV:

In some ways it’s a great product, but I really struggled with the lack of neck support and went back to just sitting on the couch.


Hey guys, can y’all recommend either a chair with brakes on the wheels or maybe something on a track, like in a car, so i can lock it in one place?

Using rudder pedals with a free-wheeling chair is getting annoying.


Can you not use a couple of doorstops?


Huh…didn’t even think of that. Thank you!


I put my chair on a doubled up old blanket to keep it from rolling around when using rudder pedals. Whatcha flying bri?


I’m going the opposite direction and getting a Vitrazza glass mat cause the plastic ones aren’t strong enough to keep my chair from dimpling in. Anyone tried them?


Elite, Evochron and Jumpgate, of course.