Gaming Headsets

Another vote for Plantronics,

I’ve had two of them, the .60 - which broke after two months.
The .90 - works great, for a few months already


I’m probably going to be going with a Plantronics. After doing some research, the do seem to be the better brand.

Nevermind all that nonsense about sound quality, that’s a bunch of single people talking. If you are trying to keep your wife happy, you need to have sealed ear cups. I use some Koss SB-40s, which keep most of the sound from escaping. The secondary effect is they keep me from hearing anything else, which may be good or bad depending upon the circumstances.

Ditto that – love 'em. Wife loves not hearing me kicking dark iron dwarf butt in the Badlands. There’s also a USB version also, btw.

Dan’s Data covers headphones pretty regularly – everything from the $20 range up to several hundred.

I’m looking for a good gaming headset, as this thread talks about, but it never really came to a conclusion…

I’m looking for something that fits into the following criteria:

  • less than $100 bucks
  • has controls right on the cord for volume and mute
  • has to have a mic (of course)
  • doesn’t suck

With some help from some friendly people in #qt3, I found these ones that looks good, but I don’t know if the USB and DSP is worth the extra $50. (The Game Com 1 and Game Com Pro 1)

Basically, I’ve tried some from Radioshack, some from Best Buy, but nothing has lasted very long. I’m hoping to find something a bit more high quality this time.

Also, is there a noticable cpu hit for running the USB version? I’ve never had a pair of USB headphones.

I used to have one of these (until a friend managed to break it), and it was alright.

Of course if you want good sound, your best bet is to buy a good set of headphones and a separate mic.

If you’re willing to spend about $40, you can get a great pair of Sennheisers:

I bought the PC150’s and I haven’t had any trouble. The sound is great, the mic works well and the earpads are comfortable for long gaming sessions, even with my glasses.

I ended up getting these. They’ve got some nice padding, their very comfortable and flexible, and so far pretty durable. Sound quality isn’t the best, but for what your paying for they’re great. I use them all the time for playing CoD UO online and using TeamSpeak / Ventrillio to talk to people.

May be a little too “budget” for what your looking for, though.

I have this Plantronics headset.. I love it.

I use my logitech SOCOM PS2 headset for my PC and that thing works great. Logitech does make some really good headsets.

I bought a good Sennheiser, it usually costs $60 but I got it on sale on some site for $30. It’s got awesome microphone noise cancellation and the volume is great, and it uses your sound card instead of being like those stupid USB headsets which are more expensive and lower quality volume… the model is a PC-150. Highly recommend.

I need a USB headset (has to be USB) with a mike and good sound… Any recommendations? I can’t find anything that isn’t horribly overpriced ($90+)

Seconded – been using my set for 2-4 hours a day on average for the past year; they’re fantastic.

Great sound quality for forty bucks, esp. with a mic attached.